Divers interested in technical training could if they wish contact BSAC Technical Instructors directly. 

Active BSAC Technical Instructors are listed in the tables below. BSAC Technical courses are delivered via clubs, regional teams or at BSAC Technical Centres. 


Related to Technical courses
ADP - Accelerated Decompression Procedures
TS - Twin-set Diver

Entry level closed circuit rebreather (CCR)
CCRA - Closed Circuit Rebreather - APD Inspirations
CCRP - Closed Circuit Rebreather - Poseidon Se7en

Mixed gas CCR
SMR - Sport Mixed Gas CCR Diver (50m)
XMR - Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver (60m)
AMR - Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (80m)

Mixed gas open circuit
SMG - Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m)
XMG - Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m)
AMG - Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m)

Technical Centre Instructors, open to all.

Name Centre/location Related to Technical courses Rebreather Mixed gas Contact
John Adams Seaways Dive Centre
 ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG jadiving1@icloud.com
07885 474310
Steve Cowley Discover Diving
Isle of Man
 ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG steve.cowley@me.com 
Gary Fell Twin Peaks Diving Centre
 ADP, TS CCRP, CCRA AMR, AMG info@divetheazores.co.uk
John Kermode Discover Diving
Isle of Man
 ADP, TS CCRA SMG +44 1624 851947
+ 44 7624 493109
Jon Parlour Seaways Dive Centre
 ADP, TS CCRA   Jon.parlour@bsac.com
07980 542044
Dom Robinson Joint Services
(military only)
 ADP, TS CCRA   Email
01752 552583
Mike Rowley Seaways Dive Centre
 ADP, TS CCRA, CCRP AMR, AMG mikerowley@sky.com
07443 030561
01803 835449
Ray McKee Ray McKee Technical Diving
 ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG ray@divesystems2000.com
07850 649833
Timothy Gort Rectotec
Camberley, Surrey
 ADP, TS   SMG, XMG tim@rectotec.co.uk
07968 148261
Dennis Wigg Dennis Wigg Diver Training
North West & Malta
 ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG dennis@denniswigg.com
UK: 07801 557411
Malta: +356 2156 1138 or + 356 7956 1138
Mark Lewis Dive Services
 ADP, TS   SMG, XMG  mark@diveservices.co.uk
07534 387152
Lance Palmer LP Diving and Marine Services
 ADP, TS CCRA, CCRP SMG, XMG lpdiving@gmail.com
01785 716917
Paul Slater Lanzarote Dive Centre
ADP, TS CCRA AMG, XMR paul@lanzarotedivecentre.com
Spain: +346 1822 6223


Club and Regional Instructors, members only.

Name Region/club location Technical Rebreather Mixed gas Contact
John Adams South West region  ADP, TS CCRA  AMR, AMG jadiving1@icloud.com
07885 474310
Dai Atkins Wales region  ADP, TS CCRA    dai@universalexports.org
07818 083269
Steve Cowley North West region  ADP, TS CCRA  AMR, AMG steve.cowley@me.com   
07624 482002
Peter Routledge North East region  ADP, TS CCRP  SMR, XMR peter.routledge@btinternet.com
07736 311797
Paul Booth Eastern region  ADP CCRA    paulbooth66@btinternet.com
07900 086244
Andy Botten London region / South East region  ADP, TS CCRA   07941 676 401
020 8868 6512
Mark Callaghan West Midlands region  ADP, TS CCRA   XMR Mark.callaghan@bsac.com 
Trevor Davies Dalriada club (Oban)  ADP, TS CCRA, CCRP   t.davies850@btinternet.com 
Andy Dowell East Midlands region / 
Swadlincote club
 ADP CCRA    andyd@jvmcastings.com
07968 628830 
Andy Dowsland Yorkshire region /
Scarborough club
 ADP, TS CCRA    Andy_Dowsland@hotmail.com
07737 967115 
Keith Farrell Ireland region
Apollo club
 ADP, TS CCRA  XMR, XMG dropoffidver@hotmail.com 
Gary Fell Twin Peaks Diving Centre
 ADP, TS CCRP AMR, AMG info@divetheazores.co.uk 
Ray Harrison Totnes club  ADP, TS CCRA    doctor.r.harrison@gmail.com
01803 552989
07980 287373 (text preferred)  
Chris Hine Perth club  ADP, TS CCRA    info@perth-bsac.co.uk
Andy Hodgson Bracknell club  ADP, TS CCRA   SMR training@bracknellscuba.org.uk 
Richard Hoyle Kingston & Elmbridge club  ADP, TS CCRA     
Nick Jewson Southern region
Bracknell club
 ADP, TS CCRA  AMR, AMG  Nick.jewson@bsac.com
John Kermode Isle of Man club  ADP, TS CCRA  SMG +44 1624 851947
+44 7624 493109 
David Ketteringham South West region /  
Swindon club
 ADP, TS CCRA  AMG davethelobster@gmail.com
Dave Lock Eastern region /
iDive club
 ADP, TS CCRA  AMR Dave.lock@bsac.com 
Gordon Mackie South Scotland region  ADP, TS CCRA  AMG mail@gmdiving.com  
Clive Macro East Midlands region /
Rolls Royce club
 ADP CCRA    Clive@cmacro.co.uk
07590 229488 
Ray McKee Yorkshire region  ADP, TS CCRA  AMR, AMG  ray@divesystems2000.com
07850 649833 
Jon Parlour South West region /
Plymouth Sound club
 ADP, TS CCRA    Jon.parlour@bsac.com
07980 542044 
Greg Partridge South West region /
Plymouth Sound club
 ADP CCRA    gregpartridge@blueyonder.co.uk 
Dave Pegler Qatar
Doha SAC club
 ADP, TS CCRA  XMG dlpegler@gmail.com
+974 55848807 
Jeff Roberts East Midlands region /
Rolls Royce club
 ADP CCRA    jeffroberts5@virginmedia.com 
Mike Rowley South West region /
MV Maureen club
 ADP, TS CCRA, CCRP AMR, AMG  mikerowley@sky.com
07443 030561
01803 835449 
Brian Smith Yorkshire region  ADP, TS CCRA  XMR, XMG bearatfathoms@bearatfathoms.karoo.co.uk
01482 656805 
Simon Smith North East region /
Tyneside club
 ADP CCRA    Si.smith@outlook.com 
Will Schwarz Joint Services
(military only)
 ADP, TS CCRA  SMG willschwarz83@yahoo.co.uk 
David Wakelam South West region /
Wales region
 ADP, TS CCRA  XMG David.wakelam@bsac.com 
David Watchorn  Luton club  ADP, TS CCRA    daveskidive@gmail.com 

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