Would you like to give closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving a try?

CCRs are astonishing pieces of dive kit that have opened up diving adventures not previously feasible for recreational divers. They allow you to explore further, for longer. And with no bubbles, it’s silent diving – allowing closer encounters with marine life.

A CCR Try Dive will enable you to find out more about CCR diving and have a go on a unit in the safety of a swimming pool. The sessions are led by technical qualified BSAC instructors.

If you'd like to have a go, your club may be able to organise a rebreather Try Dive for you. Please ask them. Alternatively, please check the events schedule for upcoming Try Tec events where you could give rebreather diving a try in open water.

If you are not a member of a club or your club can't do this, your regional team may be able to help.

BSAC has two AP Diving rebreathers available to hire to clubs or regions wanting to organise rebreather Try Dives. There is a hire charge (currently £30 for 1-7 days) and postage to pay for these.

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