Have a tech diving qualification with TDI, GUE, PADI or another agency? BSAC has a new-improved membership offering for tech divers...

It doesn't matter which agency you trained with or whether you'd like to join us to go diving or continue to dive with your own buddies...

Membership benefits all tech divers…

  • Peace of mind liability insurance covers ALL agency tech divers and diving – TDI, GUE, PADI, IANTD etc. ( as long as diving within qualification). No need for BSAC training.
  • Access to exclusive tech diver life insurance
  • Train with us, dive with us - learn at your own pace and dive with us
  • Programme of tech expeditions
  • Dorothea (deep quarry) access available
  • Tech training and diving for divers with disability

Find a tech-friendly dive club

More than 250 BSAC clubs have CCR divers and nearly 100 have the facility to blend trimix. If you live in the UK, the chances are you will be able to find the right tech club for you.

Find a tech-friendly dive club near you  Start your own diving club 

Equivalent BSAC technical diving grades and training

The type of diving practised should always be within the limits of your qualification/s and BSAC Safe Diving. If you would like to know the equivalent BSAC technical diving grade to your qualification please email us.

If you would like to further your training with a BSAC technical diving qualification, you can progress to the next higher BSAC tech grade (no need to retrain, you can simply progress from the recognised level). View BSAC technical diving courses.

Keep us in the loop

BSAC members holding technical diving qualifications issued by other agencies are advised to register their qualifications with BSAC. Please email us with a scanned copy so we can update your online record which you can find online at bsac.com/mybsac. Existing qualifications will allow you to dive within the BSAC system and can also serve as evidence of meeting the prerequisites for further courses.

Not just diving, save money with your BSAC membership.

Join BSAC today

BSAC members benefit from saving £100s every year with exclusive travel, scuba kit and retail deals.


Find your local BSAC club today

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