What is technical diving and is it for me? Technical diving can conjure up a stereotypical image of overly complicated and difficult diving for danger addicts. Well, times are a changing.

Technical diving training is really just expanding your diving skills and it’s probably not as complicated or difficult as you think. With BSAC it’s more accessible than ever for trained divers to give it a go, with CCR Try Dive events.

BSAC defines ‘technical diving’ as diving which involves specialist equipment such as Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR), using multiple gas mixes on open circuit or diving that uses helium based gas mixtures termed mixed gas.

Why do technical diving?

The primary driver for technical diving is to expand our capability for exploring the underwater environment. The use of mixed gas simply allows us to explore deeper than the accepted limit for air diving (with a clear head as the narcotic effects of nitrogen are reduced).

This all said technical diving is not for everyone. It is more expensive and requires specialist training and additional diligence to stay safe. However, for those wanting the challenge and adventure of extending their limits underwater, technical diving could be an exciting new move for you.

Deeper diving invariably requires extended decompression penalties and therefore the need to carry and manage additional gas supplies. The complexity (and weight) of the gear necessary, plus the increasing cost of mixed gas make CCR diving very attractive for this type of diving. CCR units are highly innovative pieces of kit bursting with attractive offerings such as… no bubbles, no expensive gas mixing, reduced deco penalties and greater comfort… to name a few.

Next steps...

If you would like to understand the pros and cons of technical diving more fully and would like to give it a go, there are various options for BSAC members…

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