BSAC photo-ID qualification cards are universally accepted and more convenient as proof of qualification than the Qualification Record Book (QRB).

How to request your QCard (qualification card)

If you have a Diver Training Pack, please request your QCard from your Branch Diving Officer or Lead Instructor as per the instructions below.

If you are applying for a diver grade (e.g. Discovery Diver, Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, Advanced Diver), please be aware that you must supply the following information to your Branch Diving Officer or Lead Instructor:

scuba refresher bsac qualification card

  • Full name
  • BSAC membership number
  • Digital passport-style image (from your phone!)
  • Unique Reference Number (URN) which came with your course pack - if you do not have a URN please contact us.

If you are applying for any other qualification, such as a skill development course (SDC), please provide the same details to your Instructor at the end of the course.

The necessary parties will then submit your application online.

Instructors' Application Form

How to request a replacement or workshop QCard

Geoff holding a qcard

Each training pack has a Unique Reference Number (URN) and this must be quoted to your instructor. Only cards for the course that the unique reference number is allocated for can be requested.

If you do not have a URN and you require a new or replacement card, please use the online payment form here:

QCard prices - per card

  •  £22 Current member replacement card
  •  £22 Equivalency card 
  •  £20 CMAS card 

Please contact HQ for:

  • £70 Lapsed member    
  • £65 Lapsed member + 12 months membership

 To purchase these cards, please Email us.

Replacement/Workshop QCards


You will need the following details to hand in order to submit this form:

  • Full name
  • BSAC membership number
  • Digital passport-style image (from your phone!)
  • Proof of your qualification & course date
  • Alternative address for delivery (if required)

Please also supply your instructor's name, instructor number and membership number, along with the name of your branch.

If you need any support or advice please call +44 (0)151 350 6271 or email us

If you have not received your qualification card after 3 weeks of applying please contact us

Proof of qualification without a QCard

If you have applied for a qualification card then your qualification has been updated on BSAC’s records. Your qualifications are visible in your MyBSAC account. You can show proof of your qualification by showing your MyBSAC account page to whoever you need to. This can either be on your phone, tablet or by printing your MyBSAC account page (hardcopy), just make sure your profile photo is uploaded and visible.


CMAS qualification cards can now only be issued to UK residents.

Download the CMAS/SAA Qualification card application form

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