The Southern region is large with many highly active BSAC clubs and a fantastic coastline including many historic ports and the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

The region has something to offer everyone from the beginner to the old hand and is perfect for those who like to see the underwater scenery or those who need heavy metal. 

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Your regional coach

Mark Brabon, Southern Region Coach

About Mark Brabon, Southern Region Coach

I started diving in 1976 in South London; the commitment of the volunteer instructors who helped me continues to inspire my enthusiasm for club diving the BSAC way.  A semi-retired military bloke, I am still learning after all these years - many would say I need to!



How we help and support divers and clubs in the Southern Region

The region is keen to support instructor training events and support clubs in need of instructional support, although it seems that many of the highly active clubs run an excellent array of Skill Development Courses (SDC's), which is most impressive.

Please let me know if your club would like a visit or call me to tell me what you are up to that should be shouted from the rooftops.

Email or call me 07891 025861.

Training and events in the Southern Region

The region offers a good selection of SDCs such as Compressor Operation, Buoyancy and Trim and Oxygen Administration. View all Southern Regional events.

Please let the team know if you have special requests and we will try to incorporate them or help you make contact with other regions. The Skill Development Course Organiser, Tom, works hard for the Region, but can only do so much – all help is gratefully received.

Want to join the regional coaching team?

To join the team email or call me 07891-025861.

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