Our region is one of the largest BSAC regions with over 85 branches, spanning from Oxfordshire all the way down to the Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

We are lucky to have a coastline littered with wrecks, historic ports, reefs, walls and shore dives at varying depths, accessible for a wide variety of experience levels.

While we currently offer many courses within BSAC’s program of events, we plan to build on this with more Skill Development Courses (SDCs) and Instructor Training Scheme (ITS) events. We believe it is important to continue to offer as much training as possible and be flexible to the needs of the divers within our region. Look out for more Diver Training Days coming your way soon…

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Your Regional Coach 

David BryantDavid Bryant, Southern Region Coach

I began diving nine years ago on the whim of my teenage daughter. Together, we worked through our training with a whole host of experienced instructors and this experience helped enforce the idea of diving as a fun and sociable sport.

As a regional coach, I hope to utilise my organisation skills and ‘make things happen’ for the Southern Region. I decided to take up the baton as a coach having met so many amazing and inspiring divers on my journey so far, but the key was the support I received from peer instructors encouraging my progression. Now, I want to give something back to the community who gave so much to me.

The underwater world is an incredible place; from pink pygmy seahorses to the largest creatures on Earth, we witness something amazing when we dive. I would like to encourage everyone to experience the wonders of the oceans, as I have, by taking part in the amazing sport of snorkelling and scuba diving.

How we help and support divers and branches in the Southern Region

We have set up a brand-new team of volunteer instructors ready to support and run a variety of Skill Development Courses for the region. One of our primary aims as a coaching team is to support and develop as many of our new Assistant Instructors as possible, utilising our valuable Instructor Trainers.

Within our team, we have a very experienced expedition advisor on board who can help support our First Class Diver trainees. Anyone wishing to register their interest in doing the exam or seeking assistance with personal development plans will find a wealth of support and experience within the team.

Further aims we have include building stronger communication between us and our clubs. We will be working closely with BSAC HQ to run free ‘Know and Grow’ workshops as part of the Grow Your Club programme, as well as workshops for Diving Officers. We plan to run both of these on an annual basis to continue to grow and develop as clubs and a region.

Training and events in the Southern Region

The region offers a good selection of SDCs such as Compressor Operation, Buoyancy and Trim and Oxygen Administration. View all Southern Regional events.

Please let the team know if you have special requests and we will try to incorporate them or help you make contact with other regions. 

Want to join the regional coaching team?

We welcome anyone from Open Water Instructor to National Instructor who would like to develop or help with the development of their peers. Please feel free to contact David for more information, either by email or phone 07736 071014.

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