Unfortunately, when the occasional serious incident does occur the local media will be among the first to want to know more. Especially about serious diving accidents and fatalities, and they will have no hesitation in trying to learn more from those involved ‘in their darkest hour’.

If BSAC is quickly given all the facts from the branch/club involved, media calls can be directed to the Chief Executive. BSAC’s Chief Executive will support those involved and handle that particular aspect of what can be a very difficult time for all involved.

Is diving safe? – press information

To scuba dive and snorkel safely we rely on specialised equipment and even more importantly specialised training in the use of that equipment.

Lots of people scuba dive in the UK every year, all year round. Estimates made by different agencies all put a conservative figure for the UK at around 2 million dives per year. From this a significantly small number of fatal diving incidents, averaging around 14 per year, occur given the nature of the environment. Each and every one of these incidents is a tragedy and all diving Associations and emergency services are working to continue to promote safe and responsible diving.

BSAC's comprehensive and solid Diver Training Programme has been developed in the UK for the prevailing UK conditions over the last 50 years. The training programme mixes relevant skills throughout rather than adding them on. For example inclusion of nitrox training in Ocean Diver and Sports Diver courses and drysuit competence where relevant at all levels.

BSACs Training Programme is delivered by Instructors who have received the same training themselves. They have been through a comprehensive training and assessment in Instructional Techniques through the Instructor Training Scheme.

Diving development further supports this through the provision of short courses including a comprehensive range of rescue skills some of which (Oxygen Administration and Practical Rescue Management) are an integral part of Diver Training.

BSAC’s Safe Diving guide supports divers in safe diving practices; it also helps to enhance the Diver Training Programme. Divers can also read our safety blogs to get a deeper understanding of specific safe diving subjects. 

Within the UK there are a number of ways where All Diving Associations, UK based (BSAC, SAA & SSAC) and US based commercial operations (PADI, SSI, TDI, IANTD), and related rescue agencies (Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), Health and Safety Executive (HSE), DDRC (DDRC Healthcare) meet to discuss diving safety and develop and promote initiatives to improve the safety of the sport.

Further safety information can be found from organisations such as the British Diving Safety Group, National Water Safety Forum and with the RNLI under their Sea Safety section. 

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