The North of Scotland has a wide variety of diving sites with a large coastal area as well as a plethora of locks which can be dived.

All aspects of diving can be catered for be it reefs, walls, interest in marine life or wrecks with the most famous being the wrecks in Scapa Flow.  Where ever you are, you’re not far from a dive site and despite the weather can usually find a site that is divable.  

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Your Regional Coach

About Ken Scott, Diving Officer for RAF Lossiemouth, North Scotland Region Coach

First Class Diver, Advanced Instructor and active on ITS as well as being a military SADS.  Dive OC and CCR with Trimix qualification.  Enjoy instructing all aspects of diving be it the basic Diver Training Programme or SDC’s and encouraging individuals to progress further with their own diving skills.  Have own diving service centre, qualified as Scuba Technician and IDEST approved so can give advice on all aspects of equipment maintenance and service.  

For all those starting out on this diving road to discovery or for those already on it, take the next challenging step, push yourself that little bit further but in your own time and enjoy the process of discovering a wonderful environment that few people get to see first-hand.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the North Scotland Region

Due to the geographical spread of the regions and distances between clubs, a lot of clubs conduct their own training.  I would like to see all level and forms of training advertised on the Regional website.  This would allow other clubs to see what is going on with the opportunity to allow divers to attend where possible.  I am also looking to attract more local coaches to assist in whatever help is required.

Training and events in the North Scotland Region

The Region has been pretty quiet and looking to improve and increase events across the Region.  Initially my plan is to run SDC’s in a logical progression ie First Aid for Divers then O2 then Lifesafer etc.  I will also be  liaising with all clubs to see what they require but happy to run or assist on any event that clubs are interested in or want to facilitate their type of diving.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

Always looking for any level of diving instructor to join the Regional team, the more the merrier due to the geographically spread of the region.  If you are interested please email me.

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