Our Region includes Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria and the Isle of Man.

The NW region has excellent inland facilities for training and teaching with a very experienced team of Instructors. There are some very strong clubs led by enthusiastic and highly competent club members; it’s a great area to represent.

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Your Regional Coach

About Stephen Dorricott, North West Region Coach

I joined Southport BSAC in 2004 and have completed all my diving with the one club, I have gained so many friends over the years through diving and have been lucky enough to dive all around the world. I am presently Chairman of Southport BSAC and enjoy all aspects of the sport whether teaching snorkelling in the pool or exploring new dive sites on club trips on my rebreather. It’s all diving, so what’s not to enjoy!

NW Regional COach

I have been an active instructor in my club for the last 14 years before becoming involved in regional teaching events, my personal development goes hand in hand with my instructing. I’m constantly learning on every event in which I participate, that’s what’s great about BSAC, there is so much to gain by taking part.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the North West Region

We have a dedicated team of instructors who teach all the varied aspects of the sport from snorkelling to Boat handling to technical rebreather courses. Its amazing what’s on offer and it’s all available to support and assist individuals or clubs with their training requirements. Check out the BSAC website.

Training and events in the North West Region

The Regional team offers a variety of SDCs and events each year which are driven by the demand from our clubs. Specific courses can be requested, and the team will do its best to deliver it for divers who want to develop their skills. We have a wide range of courses already set up for 2023 example First aid for divers, Practical rescue management, Accelerated decompression procedures and Twin set diver.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

The regional coaching team is a great way to meet other instructors from other clubs, any qualified OWI is welcome, you will develop your own skills as well as coaching others. If you have any particular SDC’s you can teach please contact me, I’ll be delighted to have a chat or get in touch by email.

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