The North East Region has some stunning coastlines, with masses of maritime history to be explored. 

There are wrecks from all eras to be found as well as some stunning underwater scenery around the rockier parts of the coast.  There is a multitude of dive sites to suit all tastes and levels of experience, from shallow scenic dives with critters galore to deep offshore technical wreck dives for the more adventurous.  There are a number of very active clubs who use their own RIBS as well as charter boats to explore both new and familiar sites up and down the coast as well as further afield.

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Your regional coach

Neil RichmondAbout Neil Richmond, North East Regional Coach and SKill Development organiser

I have been a BSAC member for about 20 years, I am a First Class Diver, Advanced Instructor and  Instructor Trainer and have been involved with the coaching team on and off for the last 12 years. My main areas of interest are Deep Wreck CCR diving and running self sufficient RIB trips around the UK. I am starting to get into underwater photography so that I can share what I see with others.


The BBC series Blue Planet was good but its nowhere near as good as being there for yourself…Take the time to learn good skills and there’s no reason that you cant experience similar sights.  I saw diving article in a copy of National Geographic when I was a kid that stuck with me for years..…. Many years later I was diving in those same pristine waters of the north coast of Vancouver Island. Living the Dream!!!  You too can live the dream!!

How we help and support divers and clubs in the North East Region

The Coaching team has a wide range of skills and experience, we are available to help with all aspects of diver training as well as to support instructors and branches.  If you or your club has an idea or project that you need more resources or experience to help you complete, get in touch and we may be able to find some one to help out. 

Training and events in the North East Region

The North East is unfortunately not gifted with good inland dive sites so our courses tend to focus on the areas we do have facilities on hand to support.  We have a number of venues available to run seamanship courses such as Boat handing and Chartwork,  for those diving courses that require greater depths we often use Capernwray dive centre in Lancashire or one of a number of the lakes in Cumbria.  We hold a regular training weekend over at Wast Water where clubs and individuals can work along side the coaching team to both gain qualifications and experience in teaching.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

If you love diving and want to share your experience and knowledge with the wider diving community her in the North East or further afield please get in touch and we would love to have you onboard.  We have some very experienced Advanced and National instructors on the team who would be happy to help out with instructor development opportunities.

Please email or call me on 07990 590880 for a chat.

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