The North East Region has some stunning coastlines, with masses of maritime history to be explored. 

The North East has countless fantastic dive sites with some great wreck, and wild life dives in magnificent scenery that are accessible as shore, RHIB and hard boat dives. The diversity of sites available has something for everyone, from ocean divers to technical divers. We have some very active clubs with extensive knowledge and experience of the local dive sites that are actively recruiting and training the new divers.

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Your Regional Coach

About Paul Crinnion, North East Region Coach

My training as a diver started in 1982 as a young soldier, and since then I have dived all over the world training with both BSAC and PADI. Since my very first dives, I have benefitted from the support and encouragement of some great instructors and buddies both in UK and abroad. As well as helping me enjoy and expand my knowledge of diving, this experience has given me a passion for instructing and an appreciation for the satisfaction you can get from supporting and developing divers. There is nothing quite as gratifying for me as seeing the excitement of a new diver starting their journey and enjoying new experiences.

Diving develops confidence, helps you learn new skills and allows you to see and experience things only a relatively small number of people ever do. Whether you enjoy wildlife, driving boats, history, research or just simply the freedom that diving gives you, there is always something new you can learn. I believe that opening up the opportunities that the underwater world offers to others is not only fun, it’s a privilege.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the North East Region

The BSAC regional approach helps encourage and support divers to grow and develop their skills and knowledge, helping them to contribute more to support their clubs and further the sport of diving. By taking advantage of the wider opportunities BSAC and the regional team has to offer outside of club life, clubs can develop their divers and instructors, helping to broaden their training and skills and ultimately enabling them to contribute more to their clubs.

The coach is here to offer help and enable diving across the region, developing divers and instructors to help make all our clubs and dive centres successful. Any club or diver that needs help, support, training or to develop their instructor skills, please reach out.

Training and events in the North East Region

The region has a number of skills development and instructor theory and practical courses available throughout 2024, as well as a 4 day Dive Leader event at the Farne Islands in July. 

There are courses for buoyancy and trim, dive planning and management, accelerated decompression, twinset, first aid and compressor operation as well as a full range of instructor training available to book right now.

If there are specific courses you or your club would like support with, let us know.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

The regional team is always looking for support from instructors and clubs.  Should you wish to offer support or become a member of the team or to develop your in club training skills, please reach out via the links below or by  email.

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