The North East Region has some stunning coastlines, with masses of maritime history to be explored. 

There are wrecks from all eras to be found as well as some stunning underwater scenery around the rockier parts of the coast.  There is a multitude of dive sites to suit all tastes and levels of experience, from shallow scenic dives with critters galore to deep offshore technical wreck dives for the more adventurous.  There are a number of very active clubs who use their own RIBS as well as charter boats to explore both new and familiar sites up and down the coast as well as further afield.

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Your Regional Coach

About David Woodward, North East Region Coach

Dave WoodwardI started diving in 1995 with Manchester Poly Diving club, before moving up to Newcastle Universities Sub Aqua Club, (NUSAC), becoming Diving Officer, and diving all over the North East and the West Coast of Scotland. With lots of support from the regional team, we spent a lot of time floating off the coast on small boats and was helped immensely in working towards Advanced Instructor and getting onto the ITS.

Leaving the UK, first to Switzerland, then on to Asia where I was lucky to dive from New Zealand to Mongolia, with a lot of time in the South China Sea, and around Indonesia and The Philippines. At the same time I was involved in setting up Freeflow Divers in Singapore, as a BSAC Branch, with over 100 members and a very active program.

I returned to the UK in 2016, getting back to the diving I enjoyed and very much missed, joining an active club – Tyneside 114, I’ve been able to get back to Scotland, Scapa, on the Shetlands, dive the Gun Rocks at the Farnes and visit old favourites off the Tyne. I even dipped my toes in the channel… I returned to the ITS working both in our region and others, meeting and learning from different divers, instructors and instructor trainers.

W hen I started diving, the regional team for the North East were always there, running events, getting people involved and stretching them. I’d like this to continue, hoping to offer opportunities for both divers and instructors firstly to get out and enjoy themselves, but also to develop and grow their own skills and experiences.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the North East Region

We have a good team of instructors, young and old in the regional, all keen to help out as well as a network of clubs in most areas, all with their own strengths and opportunities. I wouldn’t have taken the role without the knowledge that we have a strong team, from across various clubs, and I believe it is my job to help them as much as they will help me and the clubs.

For our clubs, we want to be there to help, whether it is advice, bringing in instructors, getting the right people together, or having your divers and instructors join us on regional events.

Training and events in the North East Region

We have already set the date in the POE for the Instructor Training Events and Examinations, but we will also be kicking the season off with some small boat taster events, the Boat Handling Course, Safety SDCs such as First Aid, O2 and PRM. We will be running the Wastwater Diver training weekend also towards the end of the year.

We will be looking at how we can support Dive leader and Advanced Diver development through the year, with events planned, both theory sessions and practical days or weekends. Further to this, specific courses can be requested, and the team will reach out to clubs to do its best to arrange these.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

If you are interested in joining the regional team, whether as a new or experienced instructor, we are more than happy for the help! Please contact us through social media or by  email.

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