Always report an incident or accident, not just the serious ones. Even a short report is better than none, use the use official form to help the volunteers who analyse the incident process it better. 

Diving incidents analysis can only work effectively if full information about incidents and accidents are disclosed.

Reports should be honest and factual. Attempts to conceal the truth bring only disrepute to those involved and perhaps serious legal trouble in the event of a fatality or serious accident.

How to report an incident

Please complete the Incident Report Form.

Download Incident/Accident Report Form

Remember to attach any other relevant material such as statements from witnesses, press cuttings, etc. should accompany the report. Then send the completed form either;

  • By email
    If you are sending the Incident/Accident Report form in by email, the current form allows you to fill in the various fields using Adobe Acrobat Reader and to save a copy on your own computer as well as forwarding a copy to BSAC using the following email.
  • By post
    If you are posting the Incident/Accident Report form in by post, please complete it and send to;

    Incidents Adviser
    British Sub-Aqua Club
    Telford's Quay
    South Pier Road
    Ellesmere Port
    CH65 4FL

Please note: Reports submitted are treated in the strictest confidence and no personal identifying details are included in the published Annual Report. All personal information provided will be dealt with in compliance with our Privacy Policy   

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