Technical Centres are authorised to train BSAC's closed circuit rebreather (CCR) and/or mixed gas open circuit technical diving courses.

Download the Technical progression chart.

Key for tables below:

Related to Technical courses
ADP - Accelerated Decompression Procedures
TS - Twin-set Diver

Entry level closed circuit rebreather (CCR)

CCRA - Closed Circuit Rebreather - APD Inspirations
CCRP - Closed Circuit Rebreather - Poseidon Se7en

Mixed gas CCR
SMR - Sport Mixed Gas CCR Diver (50m)
XMR - Explorer Mixed Gas CCR Diver (60m)
AMR - Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (80m)

Mixed gas open circuit
SMG - Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m)
XMG - Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m)
AMG - Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m)

UK Centres

Centre Location Related to Technical courses Rebreather Mixed gas
Canary Divers Rishton, Blackburn      
Dennis Wigg Diver Training Todmorden, Lancashire ADP, TS CCRA SMG, XMG, AMR, AMG, SMR, XMR
Discover Diving Port St Mary, Isle of Man ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG
Dive Services Cardiff ADP, TS   SMG, XMG
LP Diving and Marine Services Penkridge, Stafford ADP, TS CCRA, CCRP SMG, XMG
Morecambe Area Divers Morecambe, Lancashire      
Ray McKee Technical Diving Hull, East Yorkshire ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG
RecToTec Barnstaple, Devon ADP, TS   SMG, XMG
Seaways Dive Centre Penryn, Cornwall ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG

Overseas Centres

Centre Location Related to Technical courses Rebreather Mixed gas
Alpha Divers Larnaca, Cyprus      
Dive Deep Blue St Pauls Bay, Malta ADP   AMG
Elite Diving Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt     SMG, XMG
Joint Service Adventurous Training (Cyprus) Dhekelia, Cyprus      
KenTec Diving New South Wales, Australia  ADP, TS CCRA  SMG, XMG, SMR, XMR
Lanzarote Dive Centre Lanzarote, Spain ADP, TS CCRA AMG, XMR
Maltaqua Premier School St Pauls Bay, Malta ADP, TS CCRA AMR, AMG
Tecdive Vienna, Austria ADP CCRA SMG, XMG, AMG, SMR, XMR, AMR 
Tekstreme - Sharm Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt      
Twin Peaks Diving Centre Azores, Portugal ADP, TS CCRP XMR, XMG
Underworld Tulum Tulum, Mexico ADP, TS   SMG

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