Anyone can get cold if they don’t dress the part, and it’s exactly the same with temperate water diving. You wouldn’t go skiing in a bikini would you? To get the most out of your aquatic adventures you need appropriate equipment that fits properly.

There is a lot of great quality gear available at reasonable prices, and you should be able to get kitted out from approximately £1,500. As part of your BSAC membership we will teach you how to look after your equipment properly, so that it will last you years.

One of the great things about joining a BSAC club is that you have access to gear. Most clubs will lend you a scuba unit – a regulator, a BCD and an air cylinder – whilst you are training. This allows you to get some in-water time and experience, and gives you a mental and physical reference before you buy your own kit. It will enable you to start forming ideas of what equipment you want, and the route you wish to follow.

Suiting up

At some point you’ll need to purchase a suit. In the main we wear a drysuit to explore British waters – it does exactly what it says on the tin – it keeps us dry.

Drysuit diving differs a little from a wetsuit. You will just require a few new skills, such as playing with your weighting and buoyancy control. As a member of BSAC we’ll give you the training you need in your club, so that your drysuit diving is fun.

And the secret to keeping warm? It’s what we wear underneath that counts when keeping cosy. Today we have access to some pretty remarkable thermal protection. NASA has developed some incredible fabrics for astronauts that are incorporated into our funky thermals. We then choose the right layers to match the water temperature. This combo allows us to dive comfortably a broad range of environments, even under ice! Other essential accessories include a neoprene hood, gloves, weight belt and a torch.

Photo by Jane Morgan Jane Morgan - Pair - Buddies in kit ready to go diving

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