At BSAC we take diver well-being very seriously, and upon joining you'll be asked to submit a completed form to ensure you are fit to dive. You should also complete one if a medical condition arises between these times.

Completion of the Diver Medical Self Declaration Form is a requirement is set by the UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC). They advise BSAC and its members on diving medicine issues, including assessment of fitness to dive.

Fitness to Dive: Medical Self Certification

As a diver and member of BSAC you are required to complete a Diver Medical Self Declaration Form upon joining, and then annually when renewing. You should also complete one in the event of a medical condition arising between these times.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the answers on the Medical Self Certification form you will need to have a medical examination, this may just mean a simple phone call with a Medical Referee. In more serious or complex cases you may need an appointment.

A national network of medical referees with accredited diving medicine expertise set the standards of fitness required to dive. They use a uniform set of medical standards which are continually reviewed as new research is published.

The UKDMC website will provide you with access to the latest information and relevant forms are available for download, including:


What if I want a medical examination?

Medical Examinations for Fitness to Dive

The current self-declaration process has become an established system with the full support of the UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC). For those divers that could not self-declare, the system has worked well.

Some members may still wish to obtain a medical examination, in addition to the mandatory self-declaration process – for their own peace of mind. Only a UKDMC referee, however, can endorse a UKDMC ‘fitness to dive’ certificate.


There are two options for those that want a medical examination:

  • A medical examination from their own GP (in addition to the mandatory self-declaration process)
  • or A medical examination from a UKDMC referee - and a UKDMC ‘fitness to dive’ certificate can be issued.


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