BSAC Plus is a discounts scheme that could save you (and your family) hundreds of pounds on thousands of items you already buy. Think what you could spend the savings on...a new drysuit? The latest dive computer you've had your eye on? A dive holiday? Don't mind if I do!

It’s not diving directly, but the idea is that money saved elsewhere in people’s lives (such as high street shopping, travel, insurance and motoring) can go on diving. The savings could pay the cost of your membership many times over. 

How to save with BSAC Plus

The BSAC Plus website offers members up to 12.5% cashback on reloadable store cards as well as savings online and in-store and savings vouchers. Plus, there are 'free to enter' monthly competitions and a chance for members to win up to £3,000 in the new Lotto.

Top three reasons to sign up:

  • You could save a lot of money, on branded goods and services you already buy (2,000+ money-saving offers for members)
  • It's free to members (no monthly membership fee)
  • It's easy to use

Already a member? Click to go to BSAC Plus.

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