The most popular way to become a member is via a club. With BSAC Direct you are entitled to the member benefits, without being part of a local club.

The table below shows the membership categories and prices. To see all benefits visit the member benefits page. Please note: Members who pay by Direct Debit receive a £10 discount on the prices below, on their first annual payment. Join online today and start saving…

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BSAC Membership fees and prices

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Full Member
(18 years +)

 £69.00  from £39.00* Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page
Family Membership
(one Full Member, one Joint Member and children up to 18 years)
£119.00  £109 Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page

Joint Member
(live in the same household as a Full Member)

 £50.50  £40.50     Tick-membership-page
Student Diving Member
(18 years+ and in full-time education)
 £40.50  £30.50   Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page

Junior Diving Member
(12 to 17 years of age)

 £40.50  £30.50   Tick-membership-page  
Associate Member
(Non-diver or snorkeller)
 £58.00 £48.00 Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page
Snorkelling Member
(any age)
 £25.00  £19.00**   Tick-membership-page  


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*£59.00 for new members, Ocean Divers, Sports Divers and Dive Leaders. £54.00 for Advanced Divers, Club Instructors, Open Water Instructors. £48.75 for First Class Divers & Advanced Instructors. £39.00 for National Instructors.

**New Snorkel members in clubs only will get either a Dolphin Snorkeller or Snorkel Diver pack, whichever one is selected at the time of membership application.

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