The most popular way to become a member is via a club. With BSAC Direct, you are entitled to the member benefits without being part of a local club.

The table below shows the membership categories and prices. To see all benefits visit the member benefits page. Please note: members who pay by Direct Debit receive a £10 discount on the prices below for their first annual payment. As a BSAC Direct member, you will be a member of BSAC General Branch.

Direct Debits are collected around the 15th of each month.

Download the Direct Debit mandate form now and send it to the membership department or complete the online form.

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BSAC Membership fees and prices

Direct membership fees (PDF)
Club membership fees (PDF)

Membership plan Direct Club SCUBA magazine iSCUBA Voting rights

Full Member
(18+ years)

 £78.50 from £48.50* Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page
Family Membership
(one Full Member, one Joint Member and children up to 18 years)
£132.00  £120.50 Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page***

Joint Member
(live in the same household as a Full Member)

 £59.50  £49.50     Tick-membership-page
Student Diving Member
(18+ years and in full-time education)
 £47.00  £37.00   Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page

Junior Diving Member
(10 to 17 years)

 £47.00  £37.00   Tick-membership-page  
Associate Member
(Non-diver or snorkeller)
 £47.00 £37.00 Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page Tick-membership-page
Snorkelling Member
(any age)
 £30.50  £25.00**    Tick-membership-page  


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*£68.50 for new members, Ocean Divers, Sports Divers and Dive Leaders. £63.50 for Advanced Divers, Club instructors and Open Water Instructors. £58.00 for First Class Divers & Advanced Instructors. £48.50 for National Instructors.

**New Snorkel members in clubs only will get either a Dolphin Snorkeller or Snorkel Diver pack, whichever one is selected at the time of membership application.

***Only members over the age of 18 of these membership types have voting rights.

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