Living within the London region means the south coast and West Country are within easy reach and offer a range of diving options.

There are some local freshwater sites which we regularly visit for training and fun dives, and we are not too far from a choice of ocean destinations.

Having loads of clubs close together in a densely populated area is great in lots of ways. We can hook up with local clubs and members to go diving or join forces for diver training days and courses. We have great resources to draw on to help each other. Because of our proximity we can organise evening training during the week as well as weekends.

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Your Regional Coach

Cameron CromwellAbout Cameron Cromwell, London Region Coach

I became a member of Richmond SAC in 2009 when I crossed over to BSAC. Since then I have been expanding diving knowledge and experience. Shortly after joining Richmond I became the Training Officer for two years and I am currently the Diving Officer for Aldershot Dolphins, which I joined with my daughter. Friendship has involved me in numerous diving adventures with East Cheshire SAC over the years.

Today I am a First Class Diver and an Instructor Trainer. I am qualified on OC Mixed Gas to 80 metres. Most of my experience is in UK waters from Scapa Flow to the Isles of Scilly and everything in between. However, I also regularly enjoy some of the more popular destinations abroad.

The BSAC diving community is extraordinary in that it offers such a great diversity of interests.  We can enjoy watching cuttlefish and other marine life or we can explore the remains of wrecks, or even the inside of caverns and caves.  Today we can learn to dive open circuit and go on to learn to use a closed circuit rebreather.  We can learn all of the important skills while diving and we can learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), administer Oxygen and be a dive manager.  We can learn how to fill cylinders and plot navigation courses on a chart.  We can pursue technical diving.  We can learn to pass on our skills and knowledge as instructors, and to teach divers how to become instructors.  My list of things that I still want to learn and do is just as long today as it was when I joined BSAC 11 years ago. 

How we help and support divers and clubs in the London Region

Our purpose is to support the ongoing development and nurturing of a safe and fun community of divers.  We recognise that all clubs are different and unique and we are here to assist London clubs in benefiting from everything that BSAC has to offer. 

Training and events in the London Region

Please feel free to drop me a ‘hello’ to my email. I would be pleased to visit your club to meet you, and to find out how we can help you.  Some of the types of training and development that your regional team offers include:

Skill Development Courses (SDCs)

  • Dive Leader and Advanced Diver training & exams 

  • First Class Diver prep activities

  • Preparing for practical and theory instructor exams

  • Diving Officer workshops

Need support with something that is not on this list? No worries, just reach out to us.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

If you are a national qualified instructor and looking for personal development opportunities, or if you just want to help develop the skills and knowledge of other divers, then please reach out to me my email or anyone on the London Regional Coaching Team.

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