Living within the London region means the south coast and West Country are within easy reach and offer a range of diving options.

There are some local freshwater sites which we regularly visit for training and fun dives, and are soon to offer "roped diving" to further add to members' experiences.

Having loads of clubs close together in a densely populated area is great as it means we can hook up with local clubs and members to go diving or join forces for diver training days and courses. Moving forward the London regional coach, Gillian Bell, will be encouraging more inter-club communication to fill Skill Development Course places, boat spaces etc.

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Your Regional Coach

Gillian BellAbout Gillian Bell, London Region Coach

Hi! My name’s Gillian Bell and I’m your regional coach. I’m an Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor, as well as an Instructor Trainer (in training). My first diving experience was with PADI in Lake Malawi back in 1997 – lots and lots of unique species of blue fish! Back in the UK I completed my Sports Diver apprenticeship with ScotSAC. Open water training was on a Wednesday after work, from the shore around St Abbs – I had no idea how lucky I was and spent most of the hour long dives in my ill fitting semi-dry conserving heat and wondering when it would all end! Tenacity saw me graduating to a dry suit and I began to really enjoy the magical underwater world.

I’m now in London’s Clidive (BSAC 410). I love my club’s energy for developing divers and instructors, as well as its adventurous appetite for expeditions – our RIBs have been sighted as far north as the Summer Isles, in Scotland, and as far South as Toulon, in France. My perfect dive is an intact wreck covered in colourful life with a bit of history.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the London Region

The London Regional coaching team is here to help and support clubs in the region run courses themselves and/or run courses that other members from local dive clubs can take part in.

Training and events in the London Region

Please feel free to drop me a ‘hello’ to my email. I’d like to come and visit your club, find out what you need. My initial set of priorities are (but not exclusively):

  • Skill Development Courses
  • Advanced Diver and Dive Leader support
  • IFC to OWI support
  • First Class Diver activities

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

Please get in touch if you want to be involved – either helping or taking part. I’d also like to hear from clubs that would be willing to donate one of their club nights to hosting a regional event.

Please contact the team by email if you or your club would like any instruction, assistance or advice.

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