The Yorkshire Region covers clubs and members based in North, South and West Yorkshire, and Humberside.

Message from the Regional Coach.

The region has great waterways and coastline with some stunning dives. There are avid divers getting out and diving when and where they can to enjoy our sport. The instructors in our region work hard to provide opportunities for divers to enjoy their experience and progress their diving in all of its forms.

With such a large area I want to see ever more cooperation within the region so that the skills that we have available can benefit all divers.

As a BSAC diver and a BSAC instructor trainer, my ambitions for Yorkshire divers are;

  • a collaborative diver training program.
  • instructors to receive coaching for their next step.
  • SDCs to promote a greater involvement and wider experience for our members.

I plan to facilitate training that is accessible to all; individuals and clubs, large and not so large alike. We dive as buddies, we dive as friends, lets plan more diving together.

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