BSAC members can support the Club by signing up to the Easy Fundraising scheme for free.


The largest charity shopping fundraising site in the UK, Easy Fundraising will donate a percentage of sales to BSAC for every pound spent through their network of high street and online retailers. Funds raised through the scheme will go directly into BSAC’s active projects. New member recruitment and marine conservation are the main focus areas for this funding.

Some of the biggest retailers include:


Easy Fundraising is free for members to join and for each online sale, the retailer will donate a percentage to BSAC. To date, the scheme has raised over £31m for charities and community organisations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why should I sign up to Easy Fundraising?

Easy Fundraising is the largest online fundraising scheme in the UK and BSAC is delighted to be one of its recipients. It is easy to use and every time you shop, BSAC and its members will benefit. 

How does it work?

Easy Fundraising is an affiliate site, where it gets paid a commission for traffic driven to its 4,000+ participating retailers. Easy Fundraising then passes an agreed percentage to the shopper’s chosen not-for-profit organisation. This donation is at least 50% of Easy Fundraising’s commission.

How do I take part? 

To shop via Easy Fundraising, you first need to set up your own account at where you select BSAC as your chosen charity/not-for-profit. Then every time you shop online, go to Easy Fundraising first, where you can access their 4,000 plus online retailers. Once you have checked out, the retailer makes its donation.

What is the cost to me?

Shopping via Easy Fundraising is free, you simply need to set up your account first. The retailer’s donation will then be added to BSAC’s account every time you shop. The donations will accrue on your account and will be paid to BSAC every three months based on a minimum donation balance of £15.

Will I have to sign into Easy Fundraising every time I want to shop online?

Yes, every time you shop online, you will need to access the retailer through the Easy Fundraising website so that the donation can be made. Unfortunately, donations cannot be made retrospectively. However, you can also set up a donation reminder which pops up if you have forgotten to go through your Easy Fundraising account when you go shopping on one of the participating retailers online. Full details can be found on the Easy Fundraising website

Can I access the scheme from any device?

Shopping through Easy Fundraising can be accessed via your web browser on your device or via the free Easy Fundraising App, which can be downloaded via Google Play and the Apple Store

Isn’t this scheme the same as BSAC Plus?

Both Easy Fundraising and BSAC Plus raise funds for BSAC but the schemes are different. With Easy Fundraising, there are no upfront costs (members need to pre-load a cash card with BSAC Plus to access the restaurant and meal deals) and is designed to support your ordinary online shopping habits. 

By bringing Easy Fundraising on board, we are aiming to give our members a much wider choice and greater value for their money, all the while raising funds for BSAC’s development work.

BSAC isn’t a charity, so how is it benefitting from the scheme?

Easy Fundraising supports a wide range of ‘good causes’, which includes charities, schools, sports and community groups. BSAC is a not-for-profit sports organisation, in that all our profits are reinvested back into the club to support its training programmes, clubs and development.

What will BSAC do with the money raised?

New member recruitment projects to support our network of clubs and marine conservation campaigning are the main focus areas for this funding initially, but we plan to keep you updated as this develops.

Support BSAC with Easy Fundraising

Book your holiday through Easy Fundraising and the retailers will donate to BSAC at no extra cost to you!

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