From beginner to experienced, BSAC provides a full training programme that enables snorkellers to progress through a framework of qualifications at their own pace.

Since the 1950s the Snorkeller Training Programme has been updated and improved to keep pace with developments in equipment and snorkelling knowledge. The programme is designed to build confidence and self-reliance, whilst keeping safety uppermost.

The BSAC snorkeller grades are:

  • Dolphin Snorkeller
    This course is aimed at younger children and introduces snorkelling via a series of seven progressive fun in water sessions. Each session is named after a different type of dolphin, and completion of a session results in the award of the corresponding dolphin sticker. Once students have collected a complete set of dolphin stickers, they can be awarded the grade of BSAC Dolphin Snorkeller. Dolphin Snorkellers who wish to continue their snorkel training need only to purchase the Snorkel Diver manual and complete the Snorkel Diver classroom lessons and knowledge assessment to be awarded BSAC Snorkel Diver.
  • Snorkel Diver
    There are classroom sessions to teach the theoretical knowledge of snorkelling, coupled with practical lessons in the pool or in sheltered water. The practical training is identical to the content of Dolphin Snorkeller. The training is structured and progressive, building skills and confidence.
  • Advanced Snorkeller
    There are classroom sessions to teach more advanced theoretical knowledge of snorkelling, coupled with practical lessons in Open Water. An Advanced Snorkeller is a comprehensively trained, experienced and responsible snorkeller.
  • Snorkel Dive Manager
    In this course Advanced Snorkel Divers learn the relevant theory and practical skills required to safely organise, manage and supervise group snorkelling activities and manage incidents. This course encourages Advanced Snorkel Divers to develop their snorkel diving experience in a range of sites and conditions.

    Due to the level of responsibility required by Snorkel Dive Management the minimum age for the award of Snorkel Dive Manager is 18. Students aged 16 or above who meet all the prerequisites can follow all aspects of training and can be signed off as completing all training. However, until they reach the age of 18 they must be supported in the role by an adult.


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