Despite being the only landlocked region, the West Midlands Coaching Team provides support for 40 or so active clubs!

With the West Midlands Region being completely landlocked most would think that delivery of the training and support would be virtually impossible, but as many know we have access to several quarries around the region which facilities diversity of locations.

Being centrally located, we are ideally situated to draw on other regional teams to offer an extensive range of training right here from within the West Midlands. This can include anything from snorkelling to technical and CCR courses.

Within the West Midlands Regional team, we are fortunate enough to have access to a massive wealth of highly qualified and experienced volunteer instructors who are keen to develop members' diving and instructional skills.

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Your Regional Coach

bob huyton

About Bob Huyton, West Midlands Region Coach

Over my 30-year membership of the BSAC, I have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of diving with a diverse range of divers, not only from BSAC but also other agencies, actively seeking new adventures here in the UK waters as well as more temperate climates.

Being an active diver and Branch Instructor in many disciplines I have supported a wide variety of branch initiatives and Skill Development Courses (SDCs), extending my instructional skills further by achieving Advanced Instructor (AI) and Instructor Trainer (IT) status.

Since qualifying as an AI and IT, it is evident that by becoming part of the Regional Coaching Team it is possible to contribute further to our membership as well as depart the experiences and knowledge that is within the team to others and to develop BSAC divers to enjoy the sport we all love.

I officially took on the role of West Midlands Coach at the start of 2022. Being ex-military, I have significant experience in organising and delivering training courses which will assist me greatly in the management of the Region affairs. I, like the rest of my team, are passionate and dedicated to developing people to succeed in achieving their ambitions.

We must respect our underwater world through good training and awareness so that it may be enjoyed by others.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the West Midlands Region

The regional coach does not act alone but manages a team of experienced volunteers in order to facilitate a connection between the BSAC and our membership in order to support all the branches within the West Midlands region. We arrange SDCs and provide regional instructors with the appropriate skills and talents to staff events. We also actively promote other training such as snorkelling, diver training days, instructor support and technical courses as well as offering advice and assistance on branch matters such as in branch events and disputes.

The region also provides opportunity to its members to progressively develop their instructional skills in a fun and structured manner. This typically would include branch members who are suitably qualified to assist our highly qualified and experienced instructor team on local events. Our approach is a structured development providing a mechanism for branch members as well as those already on the team, to grow and progress further within our organisation - which sometimes is difficult to obtain within branch if the resources are not available.

I have been fortunate enough to inherit an excellent dedicated team and we all look forward to meeting our branch members on the up-and-coming events.

Remember, the regional team is here to support you – we would love to hear from you so don’t be afraid to get in touch! We are always on the look out for new instructors to join the team.

Training and events in the West Midlands Region

Popular SDCs such as Buoyancy & Trim, Accelerated Decompression Procedures, Oxygen Administration etc. However, we also provide specific Diver Training days to support progression of qualifications.

Instructor events such as IFC, OWIC are also offered. We also offer Theory and Practical Instructor Preparation events with examiners so our members get up-to-date advice and guidance around the essential teaching criteria.

Your regional team offers a variety of SDCs and events each year which are driven by the demand from our branches. Specific courses can be requested, and the team will do its best to facilitate it. We have a wide range of courses already set up so if you feel that you want to progress your instructional skills why not get in contact.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

The West Midlands coaching team is always on the look out to grow the team and encourages NQIs to assist and help on various courses. It's great to give something back! Please get in touch if interested in helping to find out more!

To join the team email me.

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