Fancy learning to scuba dive? Maybe you've been inspired by BBC's Blue Planet II series? Great - you're in the perfect place to take scuba diving lessons.

Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone aged 12 or over - and with a network of clubs and centres providing accessible, affordable and fun scuba diving lessons, it's never been easier to learn to dive. Most people sign up to the Ocean Diver course after a Try Dive taster session at a local BSAC club, which is a great opportunity to chat with an instructor and have a go at using basic scuba kit.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my training. I’ve done a mix of warm water and colder water diving in the last year. I’ve dived in the Philippines. I’m just back from a summer trip to Oban, where I did 12 dives. You get a real sense of adventure diving with a club.

- BSAC diver Ben Locke, from University of Nottingham Sub Aqua Club

As Governing Body for the sport, BSAC has long been in on the secret of how exciting UK scuba diving is. And you'll be in good company, BSAC's President HRH The Duke of Cambridge is a keen BSAC diver too.

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