Fancy learning to scuba dive? Great - you're in the perfect place to start scuba diving lessons.

Start your scuba journey by either finding a local scuba diving club or training centre and booking a Try Dive or you could start eLearning today and hook up with a club or training centre later, the choice is yours!

Start your scuba journey today with eLearning

  1. Sign up for eLearning today - get started on your training with our online platform.
  2. Work your way through your theory modules online - work at your own pace with instructors on hand to help.
  3. Hook up with a BSAC club or training centre to complete your practical training and become a fully qualified Ocean Diver - use our 'Find a Club tool' to contact your local club or find a training centre near you. 

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Book a Try Dive taster session to give it a go first

    1. Find your local BSAC club -  Use our 'Find a Club tool' to contact a local BSAC club. 
    2. Arrange a no-strings Try Dive taster session - A volunteer from your chosen club will be in touch. They'll arrange a club visit (if pandemic restrictions permit) and a 'no strings have-a-go' Try Dive session with you.
    3. Learn to scuba dive - Start your entry-level scuba diving training with the BSAC Ocean Diver course, with your chosen club.   

Book a taster session with a BSAC club    Ocean Diver course details

Looking for a new adventure? Scuba diving will change your life!

When you learn to scuba dive, you open up a whole new world of experiences. From growing in confidence and learning new skills to joining a family of scuba divers, there’s a lot to love, and learn!

Book a taster session with a BSAC club    Ocean Diver course details

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Need help finding your local dive club? 

If you want some further advice on starting your scuba diving lessons, we’re happy to help. Call us 0151 350 6201 (Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:30) or send your postcode to and we'll get back to you. Or fast track your training by learning to dive with a BSAC Centre, find your local BSAC Centre here


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