Should an accident occur in which lives are lost, serious injuries sustained or property damaged, the Diver Resources Team (DRT) at BSAC must be notified at the earliest possible opportunity.

BSAC will notify the Incidents Adviser and the Insurers who, if necessary, will appoint legal specialists and other experts (see – Conditions of Insurance).

Serious accidents may result in a claim on the Membership Liability Insurance policy. It’s essential – and a condition of the insurance policy - that the insurers are advised quickly that a claim is a possibility; otherwise the cover could be invalidated.

BSAC will notify the relevant Regional Coach, whose duties include the investigation of accidents and incidents. The Coach can help the branch/club with its own internal enquiry and with the completion of the Incident/Accident Report Form.

Report an incident

It should be stressed that except in the initial enquiry at branch/club level or in the Courts (if the matter ever gets that far), BSAC will not publish the names of those persons involved: anonymity is assured. The report to the Diving Conference makes no reference to the branch/club involved and refers only to 'Diver A', 'Diver B', etc.

It’s best to call them +44 (0) 151 350 6200 – leave a message if the call is made outside normal working hours – or by email.

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