BSAC Wales is fortunate to have such a diverse range of dive sites along its coastline.

Whether it’s shallow scenic or deep wreck we’ve got it all! Islands, inlets, beaches & more. From well known favourites to more obscure sites off the beaten track. Add in fantastic scenery, a warm welcome & you’re guaranteed to enjoy the diving in Wales at all levels.

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Your new Deputy Wales Regional Coach is Hywel Dyer.

Wales Deputy Regional Coach - Hywel Dyer

About Hywel Dyer, Wales Region Coach

Old enough to have done the infamous “A Test” but young enough not to look like it…….. (if you squint in poor light). Wales has fantastic facilities & opportunities & I’m here to help you make the most of them.

It’s your club! Get involved!


How we help and support divers and clubs in the Wales Region

The Regional Team can help divers & clubs within Wales in a number of ways. We can run events as Regional Events where you can attend as an individual or we can assist you to run an in-branch skill development course. If there are events you would like to see run then please let me know. If there is a course your club would like to help with or you have instructors who wish to help then please get in touch.

Training and events in the Wales Region

Core courses include stalwarts like Oxygen Administration, Buoyancy Workshops, Boat Handling and Diver Cox’n Assessments as well as entry level tech – Twinset and ADP
For other courses, get in touch and we can fix something up for a group or your branch
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Want to join the regional coaching team?

We always welcome enthusiastic and committed instructors who wish to join the Wales Regional Training Team, to help put their newfound knowledge and skilful experiences back into the diving community. If you wish to help work on event, or want to learn something new to take back to your club, get in touch.

To join the team email or call me 07896 850965.

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