As a diver or someone thinking about learning to scuba dive, BSAC’s Safe Diving guide will be an essential part of your diving safety ‘toolkit’.

It’s an A-Z guide for the safe practices of scuba diving, which reflects the current thinking of BSAC’s National Diving Committee and the research and advice on which it is acting.

Read the interactive Safe Diving Guide

A lot of their research and advice comes from the annual Diving Incidents Report which analyses all facts relating to diving incidents and accidents.

Whilst I, as BSAC Safety and Incidents Advisor, am responsible for collating and preparing this guidance. The development and production of the advice is the result of the input and hard work of a large number of people within BSAC and the National Diving Committee.

-Brian Cumming, Safety and Incidents Advisor, BSAC National Diving Committee

When the guide will be updated

Significant updates or changes will be updated in the guide on the website and BSAC will advertise changes in our newsletters and social media platforms.

Diver's Code of Conduct

The Diver's Code of Conduct is also in the Safe Diving guide section. It contains sensible advice on the conduct of all dives and compliments the guidance given in the Safe Diving Guide.

Further support for members

If you are a BSAC member you can get further support by contacting our National Diving Committee by e-mail.

You can also find a great deal of diving safety advice and guidance in your BSAC training materials and on our safety blog.

If you need a different format

Download a PDF copy

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