BSAC recognises that instructors trained and examined by recognised training agencies have valid instructor qualifications.

BSAC Open Water Instructor

There is a simple route to the BSAC Open Water Instructor qualification:

  • A BSAC Centre can request to BSAC HQ for a BSAC National Instructor to visit the BSAC Centre and, at the Centre's expense, conduct a Centre Instructor Workshop (CIW). The fees for the CIW are those current at the time, in addition any travel, accommodation and living expenses for the National Instructor Trainer are to be covered by the Centre. BSAC will, wherever possible, try and use the visit for more than one purpose, whether it be Centres, Branch, ITS or Region so allowing a division of the expenses.

BSAC Advanced Instructor

For BSAC Open Water Instructors wishing to gain the BSAC Advanced Instructor award, there are two possible options:

Option 1

  • Attend a two day BSAC Advanced Instructor Course, subsequently the two day Advanced Instructor Exam. These are normal ITS events held in the UK and also overseas, less frequently.

Option 2

  • Attend a BSAC Combined Instructor event. Normally held outside the UK, lasting five-six days. This will typically be a two day Advanced Instructor Course followed by the two day Advanced Instructor Exam.

BSAC National Instructor

Instructors wishing to gain the National Instructor award should contact email BSAC or call 0151 350 6203.

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