Branches form the backbone of BSAC and Branch Officers are vital to the success of these clubs. This guidance is available to help run your branch/club.

Since 1953, the British Sub-Aqua Club has strived to develop the sport of scuba diving both in the UK and worldwide. Branches form the backbone of the organisation allowing many like-minded people to come together with a common purpose. As a Branch Officer, you are vital to the success of your branch and your contribution will allow your members to do the thing they love the most – go diving.

Branch management

A branch must have at least four elected officers to form a committee. These would be Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Diving Officer.

Role of committee members

The branch committee is made up of members from the branch and is appointed annually by the branch membership during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or in unexpected circumstances an Emergency General Meeting (EGM).

The committee’s role is to ensure the smooth running of the branch in accordance with its members' wishes and within the BSAC Articles of Association. They hold the Duty of Care for the branch and should ensure that the required risk assessments and insurances are in place.

The structure and procedures for the running of a branch should be clearly laid out in the branch constitution/bye-laws. Every member of the branch should receive this document on joining the branch and when approved amendments have been agreed by the membership.

The branch subscription is set by the committee to ensure the finances are in place for the branch to operate.

Branch committee officers


The chair's main role is to ensure the smooth and effective running of the branch committee.

Diving Officer

The Branch Diving Officer or DO is key to the safe and smooth running of the branch's diving and snorkelling activities.

Dive management
Risk assessment

A risk assessment evaluates the proposed activity and how you are going to make it safe.

Dive manager

All diving must be managed in accordance with Safe Diving.


All diving incidents should be reported.


The secretary is effectively in charge of branch communications and the scheduling of branch meetings, committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.


Treasurers manage the branch finances and track the monies in and out of the branch.


The branch Welfare Officer is responsible for ensuring the branch complies with statute and BSAC guidance in relation to discrimination and protection of those at risk.

Branch procedures


Fitness & medical declarations



Pool training

Technical divers


Additional support

Branch support

Promoting your branch

BSAC policies

BSAC structure

Other agency diving qualifications


Technical divers



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