The BSAC DfA Programme seeks to promote scuba diving to people with disabilities and provide divers, clubs and centres with the knowledge and skills to ensure that diving is safe for all BSAC members.

Divers with disabilities tend to be very motivated and most challenges can be overcome. Being part of a BSAC club has a lot to offer and scuba diving can offer both physical and mental respite for divers.

It is important to understand that people with disabilities may learn to dive or go diving just like any member of any club. The intention or aim of BSAC is for the diver to qualify as a diver and to join their local or chosen club as full member, enjoying all the benefits this brings.

Training for a disabled student should follow the BSAC syllabus in the Diver Training Programme (DTP) and the diving protocols of Safe Diving Practices.  Deviations from the DTP should be exceptional and only warranted by the student’s disability. Help and advice is available from BSAC by email or by calling 0151 350 6203 and also by contacting the Diving for All Chief Instructor by email.

Training for a student with disabilities should ideally be delivered by a nationally qualified BSAC instructor who is a fully qualified DfA Instructor. Any BSAC member buddying a diver with an impairment or disability should ideally complete the DfA Dive Managers and Buddies course.

There are two courses:

BSAC’s Safeguarding policy contains further information on safeguarding vulnerable adults and equality and diversity within the organisation.

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