Some local newspapers can accommodate longer news or feature-style items – if this applies to your local paper then why not consider opening up a try dive invitation to one of their reporters.

Numerous BSAC clubs have successfully gained coverage by welcoming a local reporter into their club for a try dive and some have even gained a series of features as the reporter then went on to learn to dive! Try Dives can also make great video or blog content for your local media.

Inspired? then give it a go!

This approach is not always guaranteed as some papers’ formats don’t allow for extended features or they may not have the staff resources to do so.

To increase your chances, make sure you do your research first, and with the right newspaper, you could be soon welcoming a local reporter as they take the plunge with your club. Here is BSAC's top tips on getting a journalist along to your club for a Try Dive:

Tip One

Always remain upbeat, cheery and enthusiastic when dealing with the local press and share your passion for your underwater adventures to encourage them to take the plunge.

Tip Two

Explain that it will be a chance for them to have a Try Dive for free with a local club which adheres to the highest possible safety standards and training methods in return for a report in their paper. Also, let them know you have various club members who are handy with a camera underwater so you could also provide them with an underwater image and/or footage which will help bring a bit of colour and atmosphere to their report. The footage could be useful to their website.

Tip Three

You could also suggest you would be happy for their own photographer to come along and get surface shots too. To avoid any problems, if you do secure a photographer to come along with a reporter, just be sure to make the swimming pool management aware so they know to expect photos being taken.

Tip Four

Finally, you may need to be a little persistent in the politest possible fashion! Newsrooms are very busy and fast moving environments and reporters can easily get distracted following that initial phone call. Try to find out when is the best time in the deadline cycle to call them and don’t be afraid to follow up your initial phone call if you don’t hear back straight away.

We're here to help...If you need any additional support or advice on working with your local media please contact us on 0151 350 6201 or by email.

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