If you are an open-water diving instructor with another agency, BSAC welcomes you and it is straightforward for you to become a qualified BSAC instructor.

BSAC recognises the value of your existing instructor qualification and this crossover course is the way to become familiar with the BSAC Diver Training Programme (DTP) and the way it is taught in clubs. Mixing with other aspiring instructors from far and wide on BSAC courses, you will also get the chance to see how other BSAC instructors do things.

The instructor crossover course was a great experience. The balance of training between lectures, interactive learning and open water practical sessions was spot on. The BSAC Instructors leading the day were highly professional and knowledgeable giving good constructive feedback. I feel confident in delivering the BSAC training schedule to our club members.

- Bridget Allison, Carlisle Sub-Aqua Club

The Instructor Crossover is for diving instructors holding open-water instructor qualifications from other agencies who want to teach the BSAC Diver Training Programme (DTP) in BSAC clubs.

To enrol you must be a member of BSAC and have evidence of your other-agency open-water instructor grade.
You must be an active other-agency instructor or provide evidence of having held active teaching status within the last 5 years.
(if have been inactive for more than 5 years you will follow the same process but will also be required to attend and pass a Practical Instructor Exam (PIE).

If you are an other-agency instructor who wants to teach in a commercial BSAC centre, this is not for you and you need to contact us.

You will attend a BSAC Open Water Instructor Course (OWIC) as an other-agency instructor. The course focuses on preparing and presenting a 45-minute practical skills lesson from the BSAC  Diver Training Programme (DTP) in open water. During in-water practical sessions, you will see how BSAC instructors teach skills and you’ll get plenty of feedback as course instructors will give you advice and guidance on your journey to becoming a BSAC instructor.

The activity-packed day includes theory sessions, a demonstration lesson and the chance to deliver your own mini open-water lesson to a small group of two fellow instructor students and an Instructor Trainer. Other responsibilities that apply to instructors are also considered.

After attending an OWIC as an other-agency instructor you will be awarded the BSAC Open Water Instructor qualification, as you have already been assessed for your open-water teaching skills by another agency. You can then begin to teach the BSAC DTP.

As for all BSAC OWIs, exactly what you will be able to teach depends on your personal diving qualification. In essence you will be able to teach open-water lessons up to the level of your personal BSAC diving qualification.

Book your place on a scheduled Instructor Crossover Course online now

Alternatively, you can register for the Instructor Crossover Course by calling 0151 350 6205. You will need to send in evidence of your instructor qualification and a passport-style photograph.

You will be given a pack of supporting learning materials, containing a comprehensive set of resources for self study before attending your OWIC.

To attend an OWIC you will need dive kit suitable for use in open water, including a single cylinder and a demand valve with an alternative source, thermal protection suitable for the local conditions and weights. You will also need writing materials and a slate.

You could begin teaching before the OWIC

When you complete the induction form in the pack and get it verified, you could actually begin to teach the BSAC DTP in your club, under the supervision of a qualified BSAC instructor, before you attend an OWIC.

Your next steps – developing your skills

Having attended an OWIC and become a BSAC Open Water Instructor you will be able to teach people to dive in your club.

You could also develop your diving skills by progressing to your next diver grade or instructor grade.

You could develop specific skills to expand your personal diving interests. Imagine learning to drive a dive boat or becoming an underwater photographer. Check out the Skill Development Courses (SDCs) you can get involved in.

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