Members of NDC are volunteers led and appointed by BSAC's National Diving Officer (NDO), Dai Atkins. They bring a wealth of experience and work to support and develop all aspects of diving, snorkelling and training within BSAC.

The National Diving Committee (NDC) is always interested in hearing feedback from members. You may have an idea for an improvement or have a frustration that you would love to be resolved. Whatever it is, good or bad, please let it know. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged from all, from Ocean Divers in training through to members with many years’ of diving and training experience.
Email National Diving Officer (NDO) Dai.

The NDC is made up of various specialist groups, as follows.

NDC Steering group

What we do

The NDC steering group forms a direct advisory group to the National Diving Officer and meets regularly to share information on the progress of projects and to plan future activities within their groups. 

The Steering Group's remit is to ensure that a consistent approach is adopted by all those delegated responsibilities by the NDO and to avoid duplication of effort. Email us for more information

The team

Diver Training group

  • Military Advisor - Dom Robinson
    Email Dom
  • BSAC Scientific Advisor - Gavin Anthony
    Email Gavin
  • Expeditions Officer - Andy Hunt
    Email Andy
  • BSAC Expeditions Grant Scheme (BEGS) Officer - Max Ruffert
    Email Max
  • Wreck Protection Marine and Underwater Heritage Advisor - Jane Maddocks
    Email Jane
  • Diving for All Chief Instructor - Rob Jackson
    Email Rob
  • Snorkel Chief Examiner - Adrian Cadman
    Email Adrian
  • Diver Training Programme Review - Jim Watson
    Email Jim
  • HQ / Admin Liaison - Geoff Bacon
    Email Geoff
  • Seamanship Chief Instructor - Hywel Dyer
    Email Hywel
  • SDC Review - Adrian Collier

Instructor Training group

What we do

The Instructor Training Group look after instructor training within BSAC, from the Instructor Foundation Course through to the National Instructor Exam. The team, all volunteers, are tasked with monitoring, refining and keeping up to date the instructor grades. They also look towards any improvements that can be made.

Importantly, the team are also active and enthusiastic members of the Instructor Training Scheme, practising what they preach! Email us for more information

The team

  • Instructor Training Group Leader - Steve Capes
    The Instructor Training Group (ITG) Leader's role is to provide direction and coordinated support for his team and ensure everyone is working towards the defined objectives of the Group, NDC and BSAC Council. The ITG Leader is also a link between the ITG and other Groups by being on the NDC Steering Group. 
    Email Steve
  • National Instructor Chief Examiner - Dave Sydenham
    The National Instructor Chief Examiner plans and manages the annual national instructor chief examiner UK NI exam and awards the qualification of National Instructor to successful candidates. This is the highest instructional qualification awarded by the BSAC and is examined over four days. 
    Email Dave
  • Advanced Instructor Chief Examiner - Paul Beal
    The Advanced Instructor Chief Examiner ensures consistency of AI exams for both UK and overseas events and awards the qualification of Advanced Instructor to successful candidates. The AI Chief Examiner also implements the current criteria, analyses all examination results and moderates reports from events, advising of any anomalies that arise.
    Email Paul
  • Open Water Chief Examiner - Luisa Smith
    The Open Water Instructor (OWI) Chief Examiner ensures consistency of all exams relating to the OWI qualification for both UK and overseas events, as well as awarding the qualification of Open Water Instructor to successful candidates. The OWI Chief Examiner also implements the current criteria, analyses all examination results and moderates reports from events, advising of any anomalies that arise.
    Email Luisa
  • Open Water Instructor Development Team - Simon Child and Andy Jarvis
    Email Simon & Andy
  • Advanced Instructor Development - Ginge Crook
    Email Ginge
  • Instructor Trainer Development - Jamie Heptonstall
    Email Jamie
  • HQ / Admin Liaison - Jim Watson
    Email Jim

Technical group

What we do

Since the introduction of Nitrox in the early 1990s, the sport of diving has evolved radically and rapidly. The evolution of rebreathers and mixed gas diving has without question altered many divers' perception on the definition of sport diving.

The Technical Team has been given the remit of reviewing current and future dive trends and to investigate the practical and safe integration of the more readily available technologies into BSAC. Part of the role is to educate divers by demystifying 'technical diving' and to ensure the timely evolution of the BSAC Diver Training Programme.

In order to address this scope of works, the BSAC is combining together all the technical elements under one mantle to enable a more pragmatic and cost effective approach to the management of 'technical diving' and its associated issues.

In addition, to provide more clarity to the BSAC membership when addressing issues and concerns. This is achieved through a network of designated representatives under the respective areas of responsibility and additional support from a range of advisors with specialist knowledge. Email us for more information

The team

Safety Group

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