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BSAC Instructor Trainer Craig Daniel has been announced as the new London Regional Coach.

A member of Kingston & Elmbridge SAC, with over 37 years diving under his belt, Craig has previously supported the London and South East Regional training scene.

Having served as his own club’s Training Officer and Diving Officer, Craig said the role of the regions was important to the BSAC community:

The Regional Teams allow divers to meet other likeminded divers and to see how different instructors teach. They also bring clubs together to help fill boats and get people diving.

A First Class Diver and CCR Instructor, Craig said he was looking forward to making the most of his new role as London Regional Coach by supporting clubs and members to progress their diver training.

Craig said:

I am very enthusiastic about teaching and helping people gain the qualifications they need. I would like to increase the training within the region and build a great team of instructors to run courses. I would like to help members progress onto gaining their First Class Diver or Advanced Instructor and possibly National Instructor.

BSAC Diving and Training Advisor Julia Branagan said she was delighted to welcome Craig as the new London Regional Coach. 

Craig steps into the London Regional Coach role at an important time for the region and his attitude, skills and experience will no doubt directly help the clubs and members in the region. I look forward to working with him to support BSAC training in the London area.



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