A new £160 million fund offering crowdfunding pledges, grants and resources is being introduced by Sport England to 'shake up' community funding applications.

Sport England has launched a new funding application process with the view of making it easier for sports clubs and other organisations who help people to take part in physical activity apply for money.  

The new Movement Fund was designed to simplify funding applications and will help those with the greatest need secure investment to support people to live active, healthy, lives. 

The fund, which is worth £160 million over the next four years, replaces the existing Small Grants Programme and Active Together fund, and will offer crowdfunding pledges, grants and resources to provide physical activity opportunities that can help tackle long-lasting inequalities.

Figures show there's still a significant activity gap between people based on where they live, how affluent they are, their sex, ethnic background or whether they have a disability or long-term health condition. The Movement Fund aims to help close these gaps and will especially welcome applications that focus on doing so.  

The Movement Fund is aimed at community groups, local clubs and grassroots organisations that are at the heart of delivering physical activity opportunities that boost people’s health and wellbeing. 

BSAC CEO Mary Tetley said:

It's great that this new funding has been released and we'll welcome a simpler process. Many clubs have been successful in the past and in these challenging times we encourage all clubs in need of funding to look into this.

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How your BSAC club could benefit

There are amounts of between £300 and £15,000 on offer if your project aligns with Sport England’s priorities, which can be used to fund a broad range of costs and items. 

General eligibility criteria for the Movement Fund include: 

  • An organisation working with people living in England 
  • An organisation being not-for-profit 

Further criteria apply to the fund and there is guidance available to help people in the application process.  

There are four ambitions of what Sport England are looking for in an application: 

  • encouraging positive experiences of sport and physical activity 
  • involving the community in planning and delivery 
  • prioritising environmental sustainability 
  • a good use of public money

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How to apply – and succeed! 

If your organisation and project are eligible for funding, and your project aligns with Sport England’s goals, you could receive up to £15,000.

Funding will be provided as either a contribution to a crowdfunding campaign or as a grant. 

You can use money awarded to cover a wide range of costs and items that'll help deliver positive change in your community.

Crowdfunding enables organisations to raise funds by setting goals and promoting them to attract supporters who can contribute financially - often using discounts and experiences as rewards for donations.  

Get started 

Before applying, take a look at the funding guidance which explains who Sport England are looking to support, the kinds of projects they’re interested in, what information you'll need to provide and the help on offer. 

To help check if your project and organisation are suitable for the funding, you’ll be presented with a short quiz at the beginning of the application process. 

If you're unsure if the Movement Fund suits your project or need more information, contact Sport England on 0345 8508 508 or email funding@sportengland.org.   

Movement Fund - apply now  

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