The approach of a new academic year is an exciting and busy time for all involved in BSAC University Clubs, and additional support will be required this year due to social distancing restrictions.

Due to many university clubs relying on society and sports fairs to recruit new members, new methods must be found to continue to do so effectively during the Covid-19 pandemic, and BSAC hopes to provide additional support where possible.

This space is dedicated to supporting BSAC University clubs in two key stages:

  • Phase 1: provide support and guidance to resume diving activities under the current Covid-19 restrictions and, to recruit new members through a virtual freshers week.
  • Phase 2: assist in the long-term recruitment and retention of members and, to alleviate the issues regarding limited instructor capacity.

As a starting point, please consult the University club guide.  For further Covid-19 specific guidance, please refer to the Club support during Covid-19 page. 

If your university club could benefit from the presence of a member of BSAC HQ Team on virtual meetings, please get in touch with us at

Imperial College Underwater Club imperial

Top Tip: Regional events and BSAC Centres

To help solve the issue of limited instructor capacity, please get in touch with your Regional Coach to make full use of Regional training events as they become available over the next year. 

Also, consider contacting your local BSAC Centre to see how you can both work together over the next academic year.


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