The Ireland Region covers the whole of Ireland and we think is home to some of the best diving that you’ll find. We have a good number of active clubs from Portrush in the north to Cork in the south.

Gerry Allen is the current regional coach and is a member of Lisburn SAC. The coaching team is here to provide clubs and members support with their training and development and also run a selection of Skill Development Courses throughout the year.

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Your regional coach

About Gerry Allen, Ireland Region Coach

I learned to dive in 1982 when at the Ulster Polytechnic. I’m now and Advanced Diver / Advanced Instructor and part of the Instructor Training Scheme. I enjoy teaching diving skills at all the various levels but I’m also keen to develop my own skills so I’m working towards becoming a First Class Diver.

It’s always a great day when I’ve learnt something new

How we help and support divers and clubs in the Ireland Region

The coaching team run a selection of Skill Development Courses throughout the year and provide help and support to those going through the instructor qualification process. We can also be a bridge to help clubs achieve things together that they might find difficult on their own. By helping clubs develop their own members we can hopefully enable clubs to become stronger and grow.

Training and events in the Ireland Region

Throughout the year we offer a number of Skill Development Courses, prep sessions for budding instructors and support clubs and members with additional training. Everything is advertised on the BSAC website as well as our own Facebook page and of course in SCUBA magazine as well.

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Want to join the regional coaching team?

We’re always on the lookout for new team members so if you’re an experienced diver and instructor, are motivated to help develop others and have some time to spare please contact the regional coach on 07802 494388 or by email.

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