We have some of the best UK diving on our doorstep in South Scotland.

Whether you are after wrecks, reefs, walls or just the adventure, the regional team can help you get the skills and qualifications to do that type of diving.

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Your Regional Coach

PMAbout Paul Miller, South Scotland Region Coach

My Dad and I embarked on our diving journey together when I was 13, at our local club. After a few years of training, some very chilly dives in quarries and dips in the sea off North Wales, we completed our Sports Diver qualifications. We dived on family holidays and adventures to Scotland, I couldn’t get enough. When I went to university, I knew I had to get involved in the dive club; fortunately the club was thriving and I was able to complete my Dive Leader and Instructor qualifications there, whilst getting involved with the committee, ultimately becoming the Chairman.

After university I pursued more advanced diving, both UK based expeditions and technical training. I have been fortunate to work for a BSAC centre in Malta as an instructor and dive guide, but I did miss the diving in Scotland. I moved to Edinburgh at the beginning of 2017 and have been involved with Edinburgh University club as Diving Officer. I love the adventure of expedition style diving, taking our RIB’s and compressors to wild corners of Scotland.

How we help and support divers and clubs in the South Scotland Region

The South Scotland region has as vast experience network to support diver and instructor training to the highest level. To help achieve this, we can offer Skill Development Courses (SDCs) or we can help run them in clubs. Also, if clubs or direct members require help with the diver training program, we can help run training days for every level up to Advanced Diver as well as preparation sessions for First Class.

Training and events in the South Scotland Region

We are able to offer a range of SDCs, particularly we regularly run O2 admin, PRM and ADP, and we are also able to put on specialist SDC’s on request.  View all South Scotland Regional events

Want to join the regional coaching team?

We are always after more people joining the team. If you are interested, please get in touch. It’s such a good opportunity to develop your personal diving career as well as giving back to the region.

To join the team please email me

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