From Open Water Instructor (with Accelerated Decompression Procedures and the relevant Technical Diving qualification) you can start training to become a Technical Diving Instructor.

Download the flowchart of technical instructor progression.

There are two grades for BSAC Technical Diving Instructors regardless of whether or not it is for open circuit or closed circuit rebreather (CCR) training...

Technical Instructor Training Course dates 2019

Technical Instructor training documentation

BSAC Technical courses must be conducted by appropriately qualified Instructors. In addition to basic instructor qualifications technical Instructors need to be experienced in the type of technical diving they are teaching.

The training and development of Technical Instructors is delivered by Instructor Trainers who are themselves experienced Technical Instructors who also have received additional instruction and assessment as Instructor Trainers (either on BSAC ITS or with other technical training agencies). 

Technical Instructors from other agencies

BSAC welcomes technical instructors from other agencies. Recognition and transfer of qualifications is by dedicated workshops which are tailored to the needs of the individual instructor. More on how to crossover and teach BSAC Technical courses.

BSAC rebreather instructors can teach open circuit technical courses

A BSAC rebreather Instructor who holds an equivalent open circuit diver certification with the same depth and gas ratings may also teach a BSAC open circuit course at that level. For example: An Explorer Mixed Gas CCR instructor who also holds an Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (EMGD) certification may teach the EMGD course.

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