All instruction must be carried out or supervised by a qualified instructor. A ‘supervising’ qualified instructor may be assisted in presenting individual lessons as shown in the table below.

Minimum instructor qualification for teaching...

Training for: Instructor must be at least (minimum level):
Ocean Diver Sports Diver + Assistant Diving Instructor (under supervision of qualified instructor)
Sports Diver Sports Diver + Assistant Diving Instructor (under direct supervision of qualified instructor)
Dive Leader Dive Leader + Assistant Open Water instructor (under supervision of qualified instructor)
Advanced Diver Advanced Diver + qualified instructor (some elements require a minimum of Advanced Instructor)

The instructor (minimum Open Water Instructor) who oversees open water training should ensure the Assistant Diving Instructor they are supervising has the relevant instructor materials. Plus they need to oversee the lesson plan and brief at the end of the lesson.

'Club Instructor' is a pre 2002 qualified instructor qualification, because no open water assessment was required. Club Instructors are not permitted to supervise Assistant Diving Instructors or Assistant Open Water Instructors at open water locations.  However, they are permitted to teach open water lessons (to their diver qualification) without the need for another qualified instructor to be present.

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