Teaching snorkelling can be a hugely rewarding experience. Give it a go! BSAC stages a number of snorkel instructor events in the UK throughout the year.

There are three main levels of BSAC Snorkel instructor:

  • Snorkel Instructor
    Snorkel Instructor Training Course and Assessment (SITCA)
  • Advanced Snorkel Instructor
    Please email us if interested.
  • Snorkel Instructor Trainer
    Please email us if interested.

Scuba instructors can teach snorkelling with no additional training

BSAC scuba instructors can teach the BSAC snorkel syllabus without additional training but are not credited as Snorkel Instructors without formal training. BSAC scuba diving instructors who would like formal recognition as Snorkel or Advanced Snorkel Instructors must attend the appropriate training course and assessment. Instructor? Download snorkelling training instructor materials now.

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