This document prescribes the standards for the conduct of BSAC Technical training. There are detailed sections on running technical events along with the processes for qualifying Technical Instructors (TIs) and Technical Instructor Trainers (Tech ITs)


BSAC Technical training includes all CCR, Mixed Gas courses and associated TI or Tech IT courses or assessments. 

Course standards

All BSAC Technical courses are to be taught using BSAC course materials and to the standards laid down in the relevant instructor manual. Deviations are not permitted without the approval of the BSAC Technical Chief Examiner.

Failure to comply with BSAC Technical Standards may result in the suspension of qualification.


When required to demonstrate equipment-specific skills, Technical Instructors (TI) and Technical Instructor Trainers (Tech IT) are to be wearing equipment in a similar configuration to their students. Typically, this includes the shallow skills element of most Technical courses.

If demonstrations are not required then TIs and Tech ITs are permitted to wear a different configuration to the student. In all cases, students must have adequate knowledge of the TI or Tech IT’s equipment to rescue them should this be required.


The minimum age for all BSAC Technical courses is 18 years old.

Legal requirements

All BSAC TIs and Tech ITs are to comply with all legal requirements for the country in which the course is to be run. For example, in the UK, all instructors teaching commercially must comply with the HSE Diving at Work Regulations 1997 and the Code of Practice (ACOPS).

Instructors working within the BSAC Coaching Scheme in the UK are exempt from the HSE Diving at Work Regulations 1997 providing they receive no reward for their work.

Safe Diving

All BSAC TIs and Tech ITs are to fully comply with BSAC Safe Diving and all associated guidelines. This applies whether teaching within the coaching scheme in a branch or a commercial environment.   

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

BSAC GDPR policy is to be followed for the handling of personal information, including retention of reports.

Additional information

For further details please contact the BSAC Technical Chief Examiner through  

BSAC Technical Standards

Course documentation

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