This event report is to be completed after every BSAC Technical course or event.  The information provided will be used to influence future events and the development of staff.

This form is to be used for all courses that fall under the remit of BSAC Technical Group including Technical Instructor, Tech IT, CCR, mixed gas, ADP, twinset, sidemount, DPV, Advanced Wreck Diver and primary donate courses. 

Where elements of the report are not relevant to a specific course or event then they should not be completed (enter n/a for mandatory fields that do not apply).

All fields marked with * are required.

Event/Course details

Please indicate date by DD/MM/YYYY

This email address may be used by the chief examiner to request additional information if necessary

Staff Instructors/Instructor Trainers

Please provide appropriate comments on each individual member of staff

Assistant Instructors/AITs

List any assistant instructors/AITs noting that a separate detailed report should be produced to assist with their development


  • An Assistant Instructor, A123456, Dive Leader, ADP, SMG OC
Venue - Dry Facilities

Please comment on venue facilities appropriate to the Event/Course. 
Comment on venue facilities for conducting dry lessons such as theory, dry practicals, equipment configuration, planning & maintenance workshops.

Venue - Practical Facilities

Comment on venue facilities for conducting practical lessons, such as confined and open water, including any safety issues.


List students including BSAC number and relevant diver grades


  • A Diver, A123456, Dive Leader, ADP, SMG OC
Any problems encountered and student comments

Please detail any issues encountered and their resolution if any, and record any relevant student comments. 

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