BSAC Technical Instructor Trainers (Tech IT) are ambassadors for the sport of technical diving. The role of the technical instructor trainer extends beyond the horizons of instructor development. There is an expectancy that the technical instructor trainer will be directly involved in supporting some of these additional functions.

The roles and responsibilities of a Tech IT include:

  • Technical Instructor mentoring and development
  • Staffing Technical Instructor Courses (TIC)
  • Course maintenance and development
  • Supporting the regional coaching teams
  • Promoting technical diving.

Technical instructor trainers are accountable to the Technical Chief Examiner.

Becoming a BSAC Tech IT

To become a BSAC Tech IT then the applicant must provide documented evidence of the following pre-requisites:

  • Be a current BSAC member.
  • Be a current registered BSAC Technical Instructor.
  • Meet the minimum experience requirements as shown in Table 4 or Table 5 of Annex C

The applicant must also either be registered as an Instructor Trainer (IT) or complete the Technical Instructor Trainer Development Course (Tech ITDC).

The final element is to work on a Technical Instructor Course (TIC) under the supervision of an experienced Tech IT.  Once satisfactorily completed, a report recommending award of either OC or CC Tech IT status is to be submitted to BSAC HQ via  This will then be approved by the BSAC Technical Chief Examiner.

Divers already qualified as either an OC or CC Tech IT who wish to gain the other qualification are still required to work on the appropriate TIC and be recommended for the Tech IT award.


A BSAC Tech IT is qualified to instruct on TIC courses under the supervision of an appropriate Senior Instructor (SI). 

In addition, Tech ITs can recommend the following awards to suitably qualified individuals who have met all the necessary pre-requisites:

  • OC Tech IT – Sports Mixed Gas Instructor
  • CCR Tech IT – Mod 1 CCR Instructor (M1RI)

Post Qualification Development

To be recommend higher level TI qualifications, or to fill other roles such as the Senior Instructor on a TIC, Tech ITs must be endorsed at that level.  They must meet the experience requirements in Table 3 or 4 and be recommended by an existing Tech IT already endorsed at that level.  A recommendation is to be submitted to BSAC HQ via explaining why the Tech IT is considered suitable. This will then be considered by the BSAC Technical Chief Examiner.

Maintenance of BSAC Technical IT Status

BSAC Tech IT status will be maintained provided that the individual:

  • Is a BSAC Member.
  • Is an active BSAC TI and Tech IT
  • Is able to provide evidence of activity as a BSAC Tech IT if required.
  • Complies with BSAC policy for Technical training.

BSAC Technical Standards

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