BSAC has just released its new Primary Donate Workshop, designed to support Twin-set Divers to safely dive using the alternative primary donate (PD) method in an out-of-gas situation.

Aimed at already-qualified twin-set divers, or divers currently completing the BSAC Twin-set Diver course, the Primary Donate Workshop is an entirely optional add-on for members wanting to use that specific technique.

While BSAC’s preferred method in an out-of-gas situation is to take the alternative supply (AS) from stowage, the optional Primary Donate Workshop ensures divers who choose this technique can do so appropriately and safely. The workshop also covers the skills needed to reconfigure kit back to the more usual AS take set-up.

Prior to the launch of the new Primary Donate Workshop, BSAC members have been able to dive within their clubs using the PD method if they have been trained with an appropriate external agency.

The addition of the new workshop now means that members wanting to use primary donate can receive a high standard of training in the technique from within BSAC, their region or their own club.

BSAC’s Head of Diving and Training, Dom Robinson, said the new workshop was a welcome addition to BSAC’s existing training programme:

By adding the Primary Donate Workshop to our current suite of optional training courses, we can now give our members greater choice and ensure they are able to access the training that they want.

The optional Primary Donate Workshop will also enable divers to confidently switch back to the more usual configuration when it is more appropriate to do so.

The Primary Donate Workshop can either be run independently or as an optional add-on to BSAC’s existing Twin-set Diver course, which will continue to focus on the take the alternative supply from stowage method only.

The Primary Donate Workshop is open to already-trained twin-set divers or members currently completing or planning to complete BSAC’s Twin-set Diver course. It includes two workshop sessions, a dry skills session and an in-water lesson and is relevant to twin-set divers who use either a back or side-mount kit configuration.

The workshop can be delivered via the Regional Teams or within your own club, subject to instructor availability. You can register your interest in attending a Primary Donate workshop online.

Book onto the webinar to find out more

BSAC Tech Team will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 30 November at 19:30 going over the course and who can teach it, as well as a Q&A session.

Book now Course page

Would you like to teach the Primary Donate Workshop within your club?

Existing BSAC Twin-set Instructors who have a recognised other agency qualification that uses primary donate can automatically teach the Primary Donate Workshop. An email will be sent to all BSAC Twin-set Instructors asking for those with other agency qualifications to submit them for approval.

BSAC Twin-set Instructors without a recognised Primary Donate qualification will need to first complete the Primary Donate Workshop before they can teach the technique. For more information on teaching the Primary Donate Workshop email


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