BSAC Diving for All (DfA) programme aims to promote and encourage everyone to take part and enjoy diving and the marine environment.

BSAC’s Diving for All programme provides guidance and support  to ensure that clubs and centres are better informed to support and integrate divers with disabilities, so that they are able to enjoy  all the benefits this brings.

BSAC Diving for All Training

BSAC offers 2 training modules as part of the Diving for All programme:

Diving for All Awareness (DfAA)

90 minutes classroom / online

Entry level: any BSAC member

Instructor requirements: OWI who has completed DFAI workshop


  • Build confidence to welcome and work with divers with disabilities
  • Recognise that everyone is different and requires a unique approach
  • Encourage awareness & dispel preconceptions
  • Foundation for DFA Instructors module

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Diving for All Instructor Workshop

1-day practical workshop (or evenings)

Open water or pool

Entry level: OWI who has completed DfAA

Instructor requirements: DfA Instructor who has satisfactorily taught DfA Instructor workshop under supervision of an ITS Instructor who is also a DfA IT


  • Build confidence to teach divers or snorkellers with disabilities. 
  • Recognise that everyone is different and requires a unique approach. 
  • Be confident in managing risks.
  • Know where to find additional information and how to seek help and advice. 

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The section below is intended to complement the Diving for All training by providing some advice and guidance, and to share success stories and adaptations. Whilst everyone is different, some of these experiences might provide ideas or prompt discussion. 

Personal experiences

Diving with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

First amputee National Instructor - Sam Clarke

Scuba diving saved my life - Tim Wardley

Ocean Diver to Instructor - Dan Metcalfe-Hall

Club hosts Try-dive event

Anxiety and panic attacks - Kirsty Majitha

Qualifying as an OWI - Dan Metcalfe Hall

Advice and support

What is Diving for All?

DfA promotional materials

Disabilities and scuba diving

Welcoming disabled people into our scuba and snorkelling community

Managing mental health

Policies and duty of care

Accessibility policy

Equality, diversity and inclusion policies

Child safeguarding policy

Adult safeguarding policy

Other BSAC Policies


Why diving and snorkelling is good for you

Acts of kindness to fellow divers

Disability inclusion in sport - Activity alliance (external content)

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