A really great thing about scuba diving is how accessible it is for disabled people.

With scuba diving comes a real sense of well-being. Any physical restrictions are left behind…it’s just you and your ‘buddy’ exploring the underwater world.

Many people experience scuba diving as a kind of therapy. During the dive, the weightlessness offers a real sense of freedom and the experience underwater is similar for both able-bodied and disabled people.

Try diving or jump straight in with BSAC

The best way to find out if you’ll enjoy scuba diving is to do a Try Dive session in a swimming pool with a local BSAC club. BSAC Instructors are trained to ensure your needs are met and that everything happens at your pace.

Book a Try Dive with your local BSAC club (Covid restrictions permitting) or start your scuba diving journey with eLearning today and hook up with a club later!

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If you fancy diving it’s a great thing to get into…I’m surprised at how many disabled people I’ve met who are involved in diving. Lots of people are prepared to help and get you involved. It's part of what keeps me fit and healthy.

— Neil Heritage, Diving for All

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Training and club life

BSAC’s ‘Diving for All’ programme provides divers, clubs and centres with the knowledge and skills to ensure that diving is safe for all BSAC members.

BSAC instructors ensure that all divers are integrated as easily as possible into the sport. They are taught to be flexible and adaptable, allowing them to work with all students to help them achieve the necessary diving skills.

In BSAC clubs members come together to support each other in their diving activities for mutual enjoyment. Any limitations are usually the result of the perceptions of people other than the student themselves who are the world expert in dealing with their own situation.

Find a club or call BSAC on 0151 350 6203 or by email us to take the first steps to going diving.

Diving for All ethos

An inclusive policy combined with flexibility and adaptability are the key messages. BSAC’s Safeguarding policy contains further information on safeguarding vulnerable adults and equality and diversity within the organisation.


I'm interested in learning to dive, how do I get started?

Sign up to learn to dive with a BSAC Training Centre (to learn in around five days) or find a local club (to learn over a period of weeks/months). If you train with a centre, you can always join a club later. 

Important note: if you're already a member, you can access your learn to dive training options here.

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