Curious about rebreather diving? Give it a go at a Try Tech event

Try Tech events are ideal for divers (Sports Divers or equivalent and above) thinking of moving over to CCR or already rebreather divers interested in trying out another unit.


Who is Try Tech for?

  • Divers who want to have a go on CCR for the first time in open water and try different CCR units before committing to buying a unit or booking a training course.
  • Qualified CCR divers who would like to try different units to the one they qualified on/own.
  • Divers who are interested in understanding more about technical diving or improving their skills before moving on to ADP or mixed gas diving. So this could be twinset divers wanting to hone skills/look at stage options of single-cylinder divers moving towards twinset and ADP. The workshops will give them hints and tips to improve their skill levels ready for tec and help them make future kit choices.
  • Experienced divers who want to experience using a scooter (DPV) in addition to the CCR options.

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