BSAC encourages a love for the marine environment from a very early age, with activities specifically designed for young children to enjoy with their families.

Courses such as BSAC Beachcomber help young ones to discover the rock pool wonders of our coastline and parents can download the course materials for free.

BSAC’s Shore Surveyor eLearning course, in partnership with Seawilding, equips children with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out shore surveys and help protect native species. 

When it comes to getting youngsters safely into the water, BSAC Snorkelling – which is open to children from the age of six - is the next step.  BSAC Snorkelling is an ideal introduction to the underwater environment and helps to develop confidence in the water. BSAC’s investment in snorkelling, including work with the Amateur Swimming Association, also paves the way for youngsters to learn to scuba.

Our entry-level Discovery Diver course is open to children from the age of 10 and once qualified, under 14s can scuba dive to a maximum of 20m. Youngsters can then go on to the next BSAC diver grade, Sports Diver and can also participate in a wide range of Skill Development Courses - including boat handling, first aid and underwater photography - to widen their knowledge and enjoyment.

From the age of 16, young people can embark on BSAC’s instructor training courses and start extending their range and diving experience, bringing on the next generation of divers.

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