BSAC works to safeguard the UK’s precious waters and marine life.

As divers and snorkellers we have the privilege of experiencing the variety and beauty of the natural environment underwater, first hand. It’s in our interest to look after it, not only for our own enjoyment but for that of future generations.

Partnerships that make a difference

BSAC works closely with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS); calling for more protected marine reserves around the UK and supporting other MCS campaigns such as litter picks. BSAC has partnered with many charities and organisations over the years to help protect our seas.

BSAC Vice President and marine biologist Dr Clare Peddie said:

As divers and snorkellers we are able to witness the diversity and beauty of our own coastline, but we also get to see first-hand the issues that this environment faces. We need to make positive waves now to make a real and long-lasting difference to the health and sustainability of the UK’s and the world’s seas.

BSAC offers divers advice on how to dive responsibly in its diver and snorkeller guidelines. Details on ongoing projects and further environmental support and advice for divers can be found in the Protect Our Seas section in Advice and support.

Photo by Simon Rogerson Diver with a torch near a reef at Burroo Rock Isle Of Man

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