BSAC Beachcomber has been introduced to support clubs and dive centres in providing more family-friendly activities.

BSAC Beachcomber has been designed to introduce young people and those young at heart to the British seashore and to help them discover all the wonderful and weird creatures that can be found in rock pools. It can keep your young members occupied for hours. It enables young people to have fun rummaging around rock pools while learning about the marine life they find.

What they will learn

We want young people to learn how to enjoy (and therefore respect) the seashore environment, learn about marine life and know how to stay safe on the seashore. Through this activity children can learn safety elements including a little about tides, weather, silt sands and to understand which species should not be touched to help them have a better understanding of how to have fun safely.

Age guidance

No restrictions. The target age group is 5-12 years but course content can be adapted for all age groups or individuals.

Who can deliver it

The BSAC Beachcomber activity can be delivered by parents while spending time with their children or by instructors to create more family-friendly group activities while on dive trips.

The BSAC Beachcomber can be delivered in a few hours or incorporated into a full-day beach activity. The BSAC Beachcomber can be run by any BSAC instructor (including an Assistant Instructor) or a person with appropriate qualification such as: teachers with QTS, teaching assistants, Scout leaders.

Downloadable materials for parents:

Beachcomber instructor notes parents - (PDF)
Beachcomber fun information pack for your child/children - (PDF)
Beachcomber A5 certificate of achievement for your child/children - (PDF)

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