Start a BSAC scuba diving or snorkelling club today and receive a wealth of support so your new club can thrive.

Almost every week new BSAC clubs are formed by groups of divers getting together or by existing clubs switching to BSAC.

Start a BSAC club

If you're an existing scuba diving or snorkelling club and would like to understand the benefits of becoming a BSAC club, please get in touch. Call us today on 0151 350 6201, we'll be happy to chat it through and see how we can help. Alternatively please email us.

  • Divers of any agency can do this (no need to retrain with BSAC)
  • Immediately gain from BSAC benefits such as insurance and diver savings on travel and equipment
  • It's free to start a club
  • Unlimited access to marketing and other club support

Clubs can teach the internationally-recognised BSAC training courses, benefit first-hand from the latest safety recommendations and enjoy peace of mind knowing BSAC is there to advise on every aspect of running a club. 

Dave Howson of recently formed North Wales Technical Divers (NWTD) said:

NWTD initially pursued an unaffiliated club route as we weren't BSAC trained. However, as it turned out BSAC was the perfect option - the support from head office has been great, we've grown to 66 members and we've saved a small fortune on insurance.

Ready to get going? Starting a BSAC club is easy...

  • Complete the new BSAC club application form and adapt a set of Bye-Laws for your club (you can download our BSAC club bye-laws template), then email them to the membership department.
  • Have at least eight full members. (There is no charge per club).
  • Have members willing to serve as officers (Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Diving Officer) on the club committee.

Please call 0151 350 6201 or email us if you have questions or need to chat anything through.

What happens next?

Once we have processed your application we will send you a club formation pack full of support and resources to get you started. Check out some of the support available for your new club.

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